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Welcome to unhappy. Our the show where we bitch about other things we love to hate every single week. I'm your host, Matt Beleza. I'm here in the studio as always with my producer berry Finkel high. Remember how last week? I love fall. Yeah. I do. Well, guess what? Fuck it snowing outside you see that's on the ground. Yes. Is clearly you're berry you deserve it. It's only. Okay. Because I did just buy a about who. A Danish term for making Schick cozy as fuck. Okay. You know, what else this cozy? What this episode episode cozy? I don't know. I just needed to transition. Okay. Okay. Whatever we're going to start this episode off as always with worse things. I the worst news up the week after that we are diving deep into the billons up. Thanks giving. No, not the cranberry sauce. We already covered that not your family. We already covered that too. We're talking about Bill Grimm's the original centers of America. And finally, we got the very talented. Actress comedic, oh Glenn in the studio for an interview and a game. You know, her from porn is the new black lives on demand and the guest book on TBS. So let's get into it. Let's do it. Let's buckle those damn pilgrim shoes and start. Uh-huh..

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