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So nice step ups and earnings and cash despite healthcare being off on its own now. You're going in the right direction, clearly going up as far as I can tell, free cash flow as well as profitability. At the same time, the street had a little hesitancy because the forward guidance on the earnings per share was a little less than they had hoped for. What's constraining you right now in the earnings per share? Would you say, what's the biggest constraint for GE? Well, I think we exited 2022, David, with tremendous momentum. The fourth quarter print for the end of 22 had us, I think, at an exceptionally strong revenue level up 11%. As you well know, led by our aerospace business, earnings were up 51% cash up 16%. So it's really that momentum that we bring in to 2023, given what's happening with healthcare, given the balance sheet improvements. We're now down over a $100 billion of debt since 2018, I'm sure models are adjusting, but we come into this year feeling very good about where we are from an aerospace perspective. We expect the top line to be up mid teens to high teens with services and new units, continuing to improve given the aerospace recovery. We also anticipate better performance in our business. We know we've got challenges in renewables, but we think we're going to have a better year in 23, and that just sets us up overall. I think not only for good results this year, but in turn, the second step of the transformation whereby we take GE brno public is we did healthcare earlier this month. Larry culp, CEO at GE with Bloomberg's David Weston. And coming up some are saying the housing market is still on solid foundation. But what about the mortgage industry that backs all of that? You're listening to Bloomberg best. Mister favorite Bloomberg radio show, Bloomberg businessweek, masters in business, Bloomberg intelligence, and more are also available as podcasts. Listen today on Apple Spotify and anywhere else you get your podcasts. Protest continue in several major cities after the release of the Memphis police video showing the fatal beating of Tyree Nichols, the most peaceful demonstrations followed Friday night's release of the disturbing video. The NYPD reported several arrests when crowds blocked traffic in Times Square and police in Los Angeles broke out the pepper spray to control unruly demonstrators there. Protesters plan to march, again, Sunday afternoon, and Memphis, federal, state, and local leaders in major cities are again calling for calm, and former president Trump is hitting the campaign trail again, making appearances in New Hampshire and South Carolina on Saturday, NBC's von Hilliard reports there were two notable absences at Trump's rally in South Carolina. South Carolina senator Tim Scott, and former governor Nikki Haley, both considering challenges to Trump. Trump said he is more committed than ever to winning back, The White House recent polls have shown Trump has an edge over Florida governor Ron DeSantis. I'm Jim Forbes. And now this Bloomberg is sports update on the hardwood, Nick's visited Barclays center. They were around for most of the game nets. They have their experience and their talent pay off in the end the one 22 to one 15. Kyrie Irving the big story 20 of his 32 came down the stretch in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, they did a good job did the nets of bottling up somewhat. The next star Julius Randle Brooklyn's Nick claxton on containing Randall. You know, he likes to play Billy ball and get to his spot. He didn't really shoot the BioWare from three today. So he likes to get to his spots and get

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