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Forty nine thirtyfour at the house here's civilian free throw line extended right drops it inside the coley she has been bottled up here in the second out check out to civilian drive down the right side align layup no that she hits the deck and a foul will be called on penn state knoesel wider was finally because they're focusing on making justice in going to the highest posts in chase coley posting up higher on the block williams picks up her fourth at a good aggressive drive down the right side of the lane for alexa civilian the important free throws simply makes the first four for civilian at pincer has definitely with their way back into this game dr osceola green page dan carter in smith have led the comeback four the lady lions free throw his best but rebound dug up by coley gets the two gaps to layup is good somehow got up the megan jefferson picked it up and crossover milk just we believe that dribble sixty seven fifty nine rao gets into a as we going up a good job with the defense of a deep free by carter no good manda ohlinger with the rebound that was from 25 it's the two civilian sixty seven fifty nine seven forty two left to go.

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