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Than not, less gets burned in the summertime. If the pack is gone in mid June, well, things seem to get a little bit fiery around here. He says that water locked up in the mountains is less than half of what they usually see this time of year. Now, grace is a better predictor for how bad the fire season may be, is The Rain, specifically early summer rain. Ultimately, it is The Rain over the coming few weeks Memorial Day to the 4th of July. They're going to paint the picture for us of how fire season is likely to go. There is no rain in sight for the Spokane area for the next ten days, at least. Northwest news radio is carleen Johnson. Yesterday morning a call came in to fish and wildlife officials in kitsap county about a black bear siding, their silverdale elementary school, coma forest Paul Rivera has advice for you if you encounter a bear or the summer. Besides the forested location, look around that intersection at apex airport and Anderson hill road a bit, and you'll spot a bear paw court. It's another little reminder that while we live here, they do too. It is not uncommon to see them in silverdale as we move into the summer, these encounters may become more common. So when it comes to food, there's a few reminders. Not feeding your pets outdoors or bird feeders are also a common attractant for bears. We advise and encourage folks to weave their garbage cans, for example, in the secure building. And so the morning of trash pickup, if your garbage can is out on the curb, that's a buffet for a black bear to come to come check it out. And once that bear is, like I said, habituated to humans and is used to finding that food source, it can become really challenging to get that bear to move on. In kids have county, Paul Rivera. Come on news. After mail delivery was suspended for an entire zip code investigators say they've made an arrest in the case of a missing master mail key. Taken

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