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Fifty five degrees. WW J news time two oh six. No winner of the mega million jackpot, which now increases to a record one point six billion dollars on Tuesday night. Newsradio nine fifty s Michael Cohen with details. There were fifteen players who matched the five main balls, but not the mega ball. That's a one million dollar prize. The winners in California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Virginia. One of the winners in Texas used a Megaplier jacking the price up to two million dollars. There were no second tier winning tickets in Michigan still if you matched four main balls and the mega ball that wins. You ten thousand. Dollars and matching four main balls without the mega ball gets you five hundred bucks. Michael Cohen, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty national labor. Leaders are in Detroit today set to rally outside the Westin book Cadillac hotel. It was two weeks ago workers at the downtown hotel walked off the job protesting unfair wages national AFL, CIO secretary-treasurer, Liz Shuler. The highest ranking woman in the labor movement is set to walk the picket line at four o'clock rally. Now, this strike reaches far beyond Detroit with Marietta, employees striking across the country. Jason Scott's w w j NewsRadio nine fifty Spartans taking a stand against sexual and relationship violence starting this weekend. Michigan State University students faculty and community partners will participate in the it's on us week of action initiated by the Obama White House in two thousand fourteen the idea is to prevent respond to and raise awareness for sexual misconduct relationship. Violence and gender discrimination. Several events are planned including trauma, informed, yoga and a -til out where people wear teal colored clothing to show support for survivors. It all wraps up on Friday with slam poetry. Lorraine Berthold WW J NewsRadio nine fifty. WBZ news time to away traffic.

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