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I had my goodness i might listen my son he's seven right now my listen you need to start cut some grass do yeah you got put your son to work it's it's dad california taxes are crazy people on there they they do everything drive bentley's and live in four hundred square foot apartments they just wanna be there will you live yeah are you like mansion guy are you chill chill guy yeah like i'm not like you can i can see the people's homes up there on the hill i'm kinda like at the bottom gate yeah right near the gate right next to the parson tennis courts oh that's very nice yet nineteen kids under the age of six on my street wow that's how old your son seven oh god he's a competitive swimmer so this is thing let me take some you all those kids on your st pats the way to do it that's the whole point yeah shout out to my wife shawna she planned that out perfect it's great meeting you guys to totally enjoy it i'm excited it was i tell you what getting drafted getting married having kids and then i really want to be here good and the heard and you had the answer day let's hear it for about that will blackmon can i give you a name really quick sure logan woodside was that quarterback from toledo logan woodside yes what what about him i've heard of him kid baller bother how do you know 'cause i watched him he's asleep logan woodside look him up.

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