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CJ. Pasco who who writes about? This is a sociologist and Oregon. Did this whole thing where she looked at a thousand tweets with the Hash Tag. No Homo Guy. Yes by the way. We've talked about this on here before. I've received many of them like a Guy Will WanNa tell me he liked me in a movie and that's just way too vulnerable so they'd have no hormone then that's exactly what she said. She said what you see when you look at the mall is that it's used as a shield so that they can express normal emotions of affection or connection and the no. Hama allows them to do that by using this kind of homophobic slurs slash joke in the process. I'm forty five. I was just in the hospital with my friend. My friend was receiving is back in Michigan receiving these beautiful texts from his friends. You know. He's a roofer reason manual labor. His friends are also in these. These tags were like dude. Scared me so much so glad you're safe in the hospital and then straight into some kind of a homophobic epitaphs like it's the same thing as home like Oh man. That was hard. I just said I was worried about you. I'm glad you're safe. And now I gotta throw something out there to just kind of negate the whole thing and I pointed out to him and he is like. Oh my God. It's so true and we just went through all of them. Every one hundred percent of them had some kind of disclaimer. It exists within the gay community as well because we have a very very good friend Jess. Who's gay and we're doing this separate ten episode podcast together about relationships and he talks about being gay and within those relationships how femininity is also devalued valued. Exactly so it's it's a hard thing to come back because it's everywhere it's even coming from the source like yeah women can treat men that we do. There's research that says that women say they want to be vulnerable but when they are not so happy about it Sinoe so can collude as well like. I think. I'm only getting away with it because I'm also like embarrassingly committed. All these hyper masculine. Things like off roading and fighting all these things were that bought me enough leeway to also be very vulnerable. Even I I feel like there's some weird balancing act in my life where it's like. Oh I can get away with all that I can wear a ponytail. I can do this because I'm doing that so I so someone could just blatantly. Call me back and that's your version of no home. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah the same thing genuinely like those things but yes yes. It is now okay. There's a call for parents to talk about sex. And what specifically do you think parents should be saying about sex with this book with boys and sex? I did something different with my books. I I've tended to always like take the reader into some situation. 'cause like when you're a writer the first thing learned showing not tell right right so I was I. Well have to give an example of what this looks like in a classroom or a prison. I'm profiling and I kept trying with boys and sex. Trying like to go to different programs going to classrooms and I just kept thinking. This isn't right. This isn't right and I think it was because I've been writing about teenagers and sexuality for nine years now and.

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