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Eight six six five zero five four six two six as we speak of the weaker those people of that portion of what is now China at called East Turkestan, and as we go to some more calls. Let me ask you what Sally who they are what you would like the best of all worlds. Are you speaking of of autonomy or complete national independence? What exactly is the goal of the strict, STAN, national awakening movement? Well, so for the past sixty three years out of the sixty nine years of Chinese occupation. We have been so-called we've been given autonomy. We already have atonomy what we want is to restore our east Turkistan Republic. We want to restore our national independence. So as a separate nation state. Yes. How it was prior to Chinese communist worthwhile goal? I would have to ask you in in the real world realistically speaking, I would assume that there is about zero percent chance of that would an interim step in the form of some kind of greater local autonomy. Would that be something that you might work for? I'm not sure that the Chinese were prepared to grant anything like that. Well, wondering if there are various levels of what you would like given the national independence to put it. Bluntly, in my view, we'll ain't gonna happen. Well, so, you know, looking at it, you know, they said the Soviet Union would never fall, but the Soviet Union, you know, fell China, you know, it's going to fall as well. I mean, like what the trade situation that's going on right now China's has has a lot of internal conflicts and external conflicts as well. China's deteriorating. The Chinese communist party is falling apart. Even inside themselves. Whereas, you know, asking for atonomy we already have a ton of me what more autonomy. Can we get? I mean, autonomy is what led us to the situation which we are facing today, which is annihilated. So the only. Feasible thing that can possibly happen for us to save our to ensure long-term survival is to restore our national independence. Well, certainly China has problems we've done shows on that. So I wouldn't say it out of the question that China could fall apart. We'll we'll see to call from shod in kirtland, New Mexico on the Jim Bohannon show. Hello shod. Hello. How are you doing today? Thank you. Nice nice. I have a couple of questions is there any like fundamental movements or anything still going on and cannon square that we don't know about is it not being publicized or have those. Kind of seceded. All right. I far for my knowledge. Mr. Houdini are probably has greater knowledge of that than I do three nothing on the the massive scale that couldn't be the could be covered up like has happened in Tiananmen Square. I don't think there's anything like a a national movement of that sort. Although I have been told that it is not uncommon to see demonstration's of various sorts in in Chinese cities. Even though I don't think the demonstrators are always treated very well. But to say that that the Chinese are all a big collection of happy campers. I think would be an exaggeration. Mr. who you are. So to what extent is there unrest in other parts of China? So there's actually unrest all over China. Actually, you know, according to like Chinese reports, you know, every year there's like over two thousand quote, pro demonstrations or riots that the government has to push the surprise, you know, it's. It's the Chinese people. You know are being surprised by the Chinese communist party as well, not just the people in east Turkistan, but the people in east Turkistan, I mean, they're facing a genocide, whereas the Chinese people in general, they're facing like mass human rights violations. You know, the being denied religious freedom or political freedoms or even economic and social freedoms, you know, the Chinese communist party is cracking down on everyone to maintain their power over. But they're not I don't think that that that personal freedom in China has reached the point where people can actively organize. I mean to the extent that there is opposite. It's not as though those in opposition to the Chinese communist party can hold a convention in in Nanking or or Shanghai or something like that. I mean, this all would have to be very under the table. Would it not? Yes. No, no, any opposition like any actual opposition even fits even three or four people gathering. You know, the Chinese government is we'll try to shut it down before he even happens. Yeah. That was my understanding all right to David in Creston, Iowa on the Jim Bohannon show. David good evening. Good evening. Jim also guest better a two part question. Here, you know, trying to it becoming awfully strong basically would party, and I was a little bit concerned about Europe over here since you're the neighbors. I mean, I was wondering how how far do you think Chinese might go in to try to take over some of these Europe, basically and Europe's quite a ways away from China, there'd be a lot of territory between China and Europe. I mean, but I'll that it's an interesting question. It's worth pursuing I suppose what about any Chinese territorial ambitions, Mr. Huda Yar? I'm not other than the South China Sea. And of course, obviously Taiwan. I'm not sure if they have any overt territorial expansion ambitions. Do they wall? They're definitely reaching a encroaching into central Asia. There's definitely territorial disputes. With central Asia, China's setting up a new colony in Pakistan. You know, though, the Pakistanis are not realizing that I mean, they are offering them like billions of dollars in investment and infrastructure development, the same promise that they gave the people of east Turkistan invaded us. You know, they're like we're going to help you develop. We're gonna help you modernize name. They bring in like one hundred thousand settlers, and then they multiply, you know, and then they bring in more. And then you know, they marry inter inter married into the local population. And in just like over the years, the they create a virtual colony they're doing this in Africa. They're buying you know, Africa big time, the Chinese presence in Africa. This is a very unreported story is immense. Yes, they're doing this in Africa. They're sending up like new colonies richly cities in these African countries where they bring in tens of thousands of Chinese male workers to work, and develop, you know, in these countries, and then they married the local women, and they create this new half Chinese half African generation and then slowly, you know, the simulate and build their empire. I mean, this is this is the Chinese way of building their empire. More to come. We'll be back in just a moment. Selling.

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