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Portland even down you mentioned something at i'd love to explore a little bit which is that acting can be a wonderful scape i don't care for sing here but from your own head i'm section watching in the yesterday which is a documentary about amy winehouse and very scary sad story a tragic on many levels but she produce in beautiful music from bat experiences into shoes able to a scape are arm head by putting dee's poems which became songs on flickr are there any particular exercise is from a gear it's acting school are improv or otherwise that you think could benefit non actors who just want to help create knew avenues of thinking order i'm embrace some type of their pew dick affects of getting outside of their on head yeah you note it ones i suppose i get go into but i study with the great teacher and it and n.y. you named kole walker he's he's in died of aides but he was an end exquisita teacher in he taught theater game and you for me there was a real revelation coz i had when i had tried acting early on i was very stiff and very in my head and cerebral in kind of stock can kind of like you is very conscious like our my going to say this line then you i do i best all look when and turning this we is just a very self conscious style lacking that was that it was sucking.

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