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Yes oh so good okay. I'm in a lot of books right now. I'm reading the soul of shame and thompson. Yes uses of that book. And i need to sit down and read the entire thing because i know it's so amazing i know i feel. You can only read it in pieces though. Because it's kind of like okay. And then i reading. This book called gentle and lowly. Have you read it. S right now. Day orland yes. Okay well. I posted about it last week and everyone was like. Oh isn't that the best book of like. How did i not hear about this book until now. It's literally the louis best books i've ever read. My husband read it and said that it was one of the best books that he ever read ever. And i'm like oh my gosh. I've got to get this book and in fact this is behind the scenes of the podcast world. We're talking right now and by the time. This show airs. He's already been on the show. So oh i can't. I laugh but i cannot wait interview him and he's gonna be on the show he will he already was. They are can't wait. Oh man. I highly recommend i feel like you need to read that next to the bible and then things. I'm loving right now so this is going to be well one. I'm loving this growth journal. Have you ever heard of that. who's it from. Who puts it out called shoot. I should have known that it's on. It's on instagram. It's like re routed growth or just typing growth journal. It's like. I don't have it with me right now. Is this beautiful linen journal. That has like you can write however you want. But it's they. Lay it out where you can organize it. There's a table of contents so like 'cause my journals. I love journaling but i'm always all over the place so i never go back so i don't know where i wrote that but this is like you write it. There's a page number. You write in the table conduct so like all my satisfied things i can go to the table like. Oh my satisfied. Talk is on page or my podcast series is dead or my kids. My prayers there on this page. So it's like that whoever thought of that yes. And they have prayer request god's faithfulness memory versus books you read so it's just like a really good keepsake to you know a lot of people again already said. I am not much of a journal alert. But i want to be like i literally want to be. I don't wanna do it. Because i think i should. I think there's power in it. I acknowledged that but a lot of people would be like. I went and i looked all my journals and you know how much easier their life would be at the table of contents and those journals exactly. I literally have like a huge of journals in our attic. And i'm like i always had a table of contents. They'd be like. Oh this summer when i was in love with so and so or you know exactly. You're loving your journal. What else okay. And then i am so loving. Have you seen the movie on net flicks a week away. No is heard of it. No tell me okay. I was wondering if your kids have watched it. It may be too cheesy. It's pretty much like high school musical about christian summer camp and they redid all like steven curtis chapman songs and and they did. It's my favorite. I love it so eileen that you as the listeners can here because i have not seen it personally but my daughter has seen it a million times and the reason i know she's seen it a million times because i heard her watching it the first time i'm in my house and all of a sudden i hear all these like old songs from like twenty years ago and i'm like yes we know about these songs play and it was in the it was like steven curtis chapman in yup. Okay yes oh. My gosh. So i love the album. I love the movie. It's pretty much what. I like pictured my life being like in high school. I thought my life was a musical except that she ends up with the boy and so i just love it like it's just the best that's funny okay. I'm going to have to spend some time with story and watch it with her. Because that's hilarious. Yeah watch it with their especially. Were you in like youth group and christian camps going up season. Chris chapman era so that would have been like like this song. Saddle up your horses. That kind of air song was when aaron. And i were married and so i didn't start falling jesus source twenty wine and so i think i went to one youth camp elissa and i think the whole time seen if i could make with my boyfriend so i was not there for the growth and the lord. I was probably there to see how i sneak out of this place but then when air i got married i remember all those. Even curtis chapman's on. So yes i just. It was just like the perfect era for me. So yeah oh and then. The last thing is ruth. joe simon's new bible beautiful. It's so beautiful. Just carry it around with me all throughout the day so i already had it. Espn journal bible. But this one's just so pretty is everything she does is beautiful and then put it on top of the bible. God's word like can this get any other ruth and raise us here. We are at love it. The best is the best. Well thank you so much for coming on the happy hour and your book. Congratulations satisfied just released yesterday. So you guys. I will put all the league's the but you can get check it out. Thank you for coming on. I'll thanks so much for having me jamie by.

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