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KFI. Debra Mark has are looking for the men who killed a USC student. Cops say they're looking for three or four men in their twenties. It was just past midnight yesterday when the men tried to rob Victor mcelhinney near the corner of maple and Adams just a few blocks from campus, the attempted robbery escalated to murder. A shots were fired mcelhinney was a twenty one year old student of the jazz. Studies program his mom is a city councilwoman in Oakland in LA. Kris Ankarlo, KFI news news is brought to you by Pacific coast termite about one hundred fifty middle school students from around LA have gone in for brain surgery at cedars Sinai. The hospital's head of neurosurgery. Dr Keith blacks is the brain works program allows the kids to be neuro scientists and neurosurgeons for a day. Get to do a simulated brain operation with a half million dollars surgical microscope. They get to see brains, and and look at the anatomy, they get to practice. Suturing? He says a similar program inspired him to become a neurosurgeon. The brain works program is in its twenty first year. President Trump's new budget proposal would boost military spending to seven hundred fifty billion dollars per year and allocate eight point six billion four border wall. It would also cut domestic programs across the board by five percent. The acting White House budget chief says the administration wants to rein in reckless spending. Democrats say cuts to essential services would be dangerous. The proposal out today is called a budget for a better America promises. Kept taxpayers. I the White House says details of a summit between President Trump and Chinese president Xi Jinping are still being worked out trade negotiations with China have been ongoing. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says he supports the president's tariffs on China. And that Trump should not accept a bad deal. I say to President Trump do not get played if you don't achieve what you sit out to achieve namely, the permanent reform of China's most abusive trade practices, then walk away. The White House says a deal on trade will only be made. If it's a good deal. We have some police activity going on in Santa.

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