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And will never achieve what mr todd ball asks her but there are a lot other ones were they go on for fifteen minutes and there is just something there's a new complication. It doesn't feel like we're <unk> just hitting the three beat of the establish reinforce subvert of comedy <hes>. It's definitely a little more all over the place. It's slower paced and it sounds like tim conway ad libbed a lot a lot yeah and i know just for example saturday night. Live lauren michaels is not a fan of ad-libbing. He does not like that at all so i know they are very strict like like about how much freedom making take with each skit. I'm sure there are some variations but it sounds like that's not the culture there and that's obviously one of the most influential places for sketch comedy for decades now so i have a feeling there are other shows that follow that same model and also something that i noticed the difference difference was when a sketch bombs <hes> it seems like s._n._l. Other posts like if it's bombing he's kind of like plow on through and then okay. No one's going to rewatch that on youtube but i'm carol burnett of a sketch wasn't going well because he wants to live audience begins then sometimes they would just start making fun of the sketch and like had said before like well. We'll never do this one again and so like they would joke about that which was like that's what i kinda like that because some sketches seem you've really funny to the people who are writing them not so funny to anybody else and they would joke about it which i have not seen in modern sketch comedy no not at all. I mean sometimes like in the s._n._l. Host monologue. I've heard them say things like oh. I was hoping that joke would lay in better but that feels also where you're directly talking to the audience instead of breaking the fourth wall so that definitely does feel different. I did see i was unable defined a skit where they were not laughing all the way through but the elephants story with anway which we will definitely share in our tumbler and the whole cast there's four of them on set and they are just they're literally falling on the floor laughing and a lot of shows like qian peel they are pre taped and they could easily at at that out if they start laughing on in their skit <hes> i read one article that was talking about how some people complained about how jimmy fallon would ruin skits on s._n._l. Because he you would start laughing but on carol burnett that was pretty..

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