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Will i mean some early on. We're all ready talking about how the new biden administration will dramatically. Change things as we know it. But how will some of his moves even as early moves Particularly when it comes to oil and gas how will it affect us here in colorado particularly in weld county while the future of energy development on public lands in colorado and indeed across the west hangs in the balance because well during the campaign as you're well aware such as it was the basement campaign. Joe biden made it very clear that he supports banning new permits on federally managed land and waters for oil gas and coal concerns about climate change and threats to air and water quality now. Needless to say it's a pretty dramatic change from the at trump administration which prioritized. Us energy dominance rolled back or stream lined rules and policies as a burden on energy development. And you have to remember. The bureau of land management which is part of the interior department manages drilling and mining on public lands. Roughly thirty six percent of colorado is federally. Managed lands and energy development occurs on both private and public lands in colorado colorado. By the way The seventh. i've seen the six but we'll go with this piece out of the denver post. The seventh biggest energy producer in the entire nation. Western leaders network made up of more than four hundred and fifty local and tribal elected. Officials asked the administration in a letter tuesday to freeze new fossil-fuel leasing on public lands but kathleen gama president of the western energy alliance. Hope to talk with her tomorrow morning. Western energy alliance is an industry. Group said the president does not have the authority to forbid new permitting on federal lands. She said her organization will sue if the biden administration tries scum said the impact in the west to livelihoods and to energy production is just too great for us to sit by now. A recent analysis. By the american petroleum institute found a ban would cost colorado eighteen thousand five ad high paying jobs by twenty twenty two and one hundred and eight million dollars in state revenue the to lynn grainger executive director of api is colorado branch ultimately ranger said. The decision on a federal leasing ban is a choice between american made energy and foreign energy a lot of that coming from countries that absolutely despise us and similarly a choice between american jobs and for jobs. Tell you what we'll get. Well county commissioner. Scott james take on this when he joins us this morning at eight. Oh five six fifty. Seven now. Thirteen ten k. f..

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