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Fred, Bob. It says two more officers responded, they ordered the man to remain still. But they say he waved his hands and crawled toward his handgun. He grabbed the gun aimed at officers, according to police, and at that point they opened fire. The suspect was declared dead seventeen minutes after the incident started captain, Bob. It says the shooting is under investigation, and he vowed to be transparent to the media, and the public all of you understand that there's new legislation that complying with so absolutely. We will be making our body worn camera of able in the near future. There's no word on the suspect's identity. But that should be released soon. Reporting live from the scene in Fremont. Matt Bigler KCBS. Thanks, man. Police in emergency workers in San Francisco. Gearing up for four twenty April twentieth. Big pot celebration day happen. In Golden Gate park. And it's been getting bigger each year. In fact, KCBS reporter Holly Kwan reports there are new warnings going out for the thousands expected to show up at hippie hill and Golden Gate park about twenty thousand people showed up at last year's for twenty day. But because this time it's on a Saturday. Police are expecting possibly ten thousand more Robin Williams meadow, what used to be called Sharon meadow. This is the second gathering since California legalized recreational marijuana. But I since the legitimate market has been up and running. Nonetheless, officials are worried about people bringing in or selling black market product supervisor valley Brown, we do not want you to buy it that lot of it was laced with fennel, you know, that is deadly. Newly a dozen people were hospitalized last year due to federal poisoning. This is why plainclothes officers will be in the crowd watching for illicit transactions. Police and paramedics will be carrying Narcan to counter the effects, then there's the traffic in the trash in the past up to five tons of garbage was leftover event. Sponsors have started helping to clean it up as far as traffic. Expect big delays in and around the park all Kwan KCBS. Now, the congress has its hands on Robert Muller's report. The question is what will it do with it? KCBS political reporter, Doug sovereign says hearings are certain, but even if the house finds that President Trump obstructed Muller's investigation. Impeachment seems unlikely special counsel Robert Muller determined that. He could not indict a sitting president and not even declare that one is committed a federal offence. Even though he was not able to exonerate President Trump of obstruction of Justice, but Saint Mary's politics, professor, Stephen Wolford doubts House Democrats will impeach Trump. If they do find obstruction, the Democrats have to tread very lightly because since there is no legal case against the president. At least at this point. It's not going to help them to continue to hammer on this things. The Democrats would be better off campaigning on a platform of issues in twenty twenty nine Trump bashing congresswoman Zoe Lofgren of San Jose. Who's on the judiciary committee says talk of impeachment is premature. They try and jump to a conclusion we've got to go in a boring orderly, thorough fashion and see where we are Lofgren has more experience than most in this arena, having been judiciary staffer during the Nixon impeachment process and a committee member when President Clinton was impeached. Doug, sovereign KCBS coming up on KCBS climbing tragedy and Canada hits home for a well-known bay area company. KCBS first for traffic..

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