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Not available in all states. Correspondent Mike Rossier? Reports. Federal government alleges oracle underpaid women and minorities by hundreds of millions of dollars over four year span the department of labor alleged software maker oracle underpaid, thousands of women Asian and black employees by more than four hundred million dollars from twenty thirteen through twenty sixteen the office of federal contract compliance programs alleges oracle underpaid by as much as twenty five percent for similar work done by white men alleged practices affected, more than five thousand women more than eleven thousand Asians and fewer than thirty blacks. Google says it's about to produce the world's first carmaking plant that has one hundred percent devoted to Thomas vehicles. The company says it plans to spend about thirteen point six million dollars to retrofit a plant the end the Detroit area to make self driving cars for its way. Most spinoff Waymo says company plans a higher about four hundred people worked at the factory, including engineers operations experts and fleet coordinators. Breaking news at townhall dot com. A federal judge in Maryland hearing testimony for trial involving the Trump administration's addition of a citizenship question to the twenty twenty cents. Former US census bureau chief John Thompson became the first plaintiff's witness for the bench trial that started on Tuesday US district. Judge George Hazel of greenbelt Maryland is presiding over this case the trial began week after a federal judge in New York rule that commerce secretary Wilbur Ross acted in an arbitrary and capricious manner before deciding to add the citizenship question that's worth spotted Andrew Stewart. Starbucks making it so more people can get their daily fix without setting foot in their stores, it launched its delivery service has in San Francisco and says it's going to expand to some stores in New York, Boston Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles in coming weeks. Starbucks says ninety five percent of its core menu will be available for using the Uber eats mobile app. More of these stories from townhall dot com. Hi, I'm Phil granny phils getting dot com, we have three wonderful programs. We have a program for a person who just doesn't have time to very very busy person. Where you follow my five recommendations the same five stocks. I've been investing in for over two years. You follow those recommendations, which I exactly what to do with those five stocks look complete support so easy to do. We also have another program where you can file three to four of the stocks actively trade every day. And finally, if you want to.

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