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No so there was a there. Were that were as an incident in april that i remember i think it was in april. A little girl Last year april last year. Last april there is little girl who was sitting at her and she like basically. Her mother's boyfriend came in and shot her. Her mother and the bullet ricocheted on her laptop. And i remember you know it. It's beyond you know and he'd get over myself. And i need to share my story because i feel like it will help who are running. A beer It will help them to feel. Didn't an also it'll help adults who haven't dealt with who are harming themselves you know suicide has gone up. Yeah so you know whatever. I could use a hill. Yeah well i mean you do davinci. Write your story causing today. This book and sunny did have a story to tell so. Perhaps you could talk a little bit. I mean you've profoundly troubled childhood with abuse. Neglect violence isolation blatant racism and sexual assault as well. Which i know. I've experienced is partly because of the job i did as well as some of the abuse as well but ptsd suicide depression but yeah. Let's no story. Where won't maybe summarize that the book really how you told you story said we know where is that you want to help people weren't and so like i was Share how i was molested for about a year about a year and half with my older sister shared that i use to when you say you and your sister was. It was abused. You mean the only sister was molested. You're saying okay. Can you hear me now my. Adc molested me. Always your oldest sister eldest sister all right all right. Okay sir and then you know getting through that on Getting through just the normal childhood being bullied Tees up our remember you said. What are these glasses. Because my parents get into foreign regular classes this big battles who'd from manned at school or just in the home more on on at school the kids were relentless they were always teasing me. i remember wearing I don't know like the head the kid's out like just the white tennis shoes with the little blue patch at the back of kids. My parents can't afford the ones that look like it were kid lookalikes that were in walmart and i wear minds out alleged because it was so active that my big toe would polka hall talk show and then you can see the shoe flat tomorrow. You know about that. But that's because you see just couldn't really but in the home. It was more than they were. They were.

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