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But I can just tell you that that LSU fans feel as though they are consistently disrespected by the SEC office. There is a belief that there's a a conspiracy against LSU that a fish that LSU end up on the wrong end of calls more often than not, and no matter how much evidence you might present. Like. Kellyn Mons me on the ground while he's holding the football like, it sucks. The call went against you. But these ground. An SEC network shot of mon- spiking the ball balls on the ground. And there's one second all the play clock. Like, he's art. These aren't subjective calls that went against you. These things in the heat of the moment that that were, you know, close plays that you know, all in aggregate combined to to contribute to lose the game. But the bigger issue Paul is. Is one that is very hard to explain but LSU fans as a collective whole feel like they end up drawn the short straw BSE in this goes back to the permanent opponent thing where LSU doesn't like being permanently. Get matched with with Florida. They did not like all those years having to play Arkansas on the Friday at the things giving there's there's a litany of things LSU not being allowed to play night games. Like is their tradition and having to play in the day. There's there's a litany of things that this fan base is convinced itself works against them. And that the league offices in Birmingham favors, Alabama, and it's just an rambling Paul. But like, it's a it's a never ending narrative. And when things like Saturday happened it just adds to the narratives. Me. Let me bring this up because the director and vice chancellor down there. Joe alita has been an antagonistic. He went against the grain couple years ago in the Florida dispute whether he was right or wrong. I mean, he certainly did not play ball with the SEC. And that's not the first time does this play into that narrative, though. Because many on the other side have have found LSU to be completely uncooperative on on a number of issues. Sure, totally understand the question. Joe Joe leave has been very outspoken..

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