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So they're not thank about the country just above voting sometimes you know i'm thinking about the the debate in the florida legislature after the parkland shooting when they were considering gun reform measures and one of the republican state representatives elizabeth porter in that debate had some pretty harsh words for young people teens who are calling for political action let's take a listen we've been told that we need to listen to the children i do what the children ask are there any children on this floor are there any children making laws do we allow the children to tell us that we should pass a law that says no homework the adults make the laws because we had the age we has the wisdom and we have the experience and joshua douglas what about that point the notion that at a certain age the young people just really aren't equipped or or or versed enough to to cast a vote well psychological studies disprove that point melissa psychologists generally think of cognition and it's referred to locally as hot cognition and cold cognition hot cognition is impulse control peer pressure situations where you're making a snatch snap judgment and psychologists say that brains are fully developed for hot cognition not until age twenty one or maybe a little bit older cold cognition on the other hand is reason decision where you have time to deliberate and think about your your options and psychologists say that brains are developed for cold cognition by age sixteen so essentially voting is a cold cognition activity you're not it's not the sort of snap judgment type of thing in the heat of the moment at least and the brain is is no different age sixteen than it is at age twenty six or older so nothing magical happens at age eighteen in terms of brain development to make people reason voters then i think you know you can just see all of the people who are speaking out who are poised to are making reasoned arguments and you know why would we want to deny people who are having a a strong voice in our community from an making change and i think also we need a couple this with improve civics education you know i think certainly in this country we need to foster more civic engagement and understanding what's referred to as action civics where people are not just learning in schools for the road.

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