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Eighty five yard drive by the allies to take the lead for the eight forty six to go about Steve Jones live real time G. because no okay ran for a five yard touchdown with just over five to go ten break Penn state posted its first win over a ranked opponent this season besting number seventeen I what seventeen to twelve their coach James Frank next week we need that stadium and that tell rocking like it's never rock before I'm talking about vibrating I'm talking about what what's it called when there's a when there's earthquake seismic is a good word talking about it being a seismic event for the entire weekend I'm talking about the restaurants the bars the hotels to everything the place needs to be rocking like it's never rocked before with a game against the Wolverines more the Yankees Donna game one NH town more college football as well on the flip side which which are all my rolls back type of a living what I can do and and go to baseball they're using this one is going to go for as little fly ball to the Rockford boxes does this place look haunted I don't think so what about those two creepy girls Kerns he's truly frightening great service after you get twenty four seven access to license agents thank you creepy girls warranty senior room the card happy guy go we switch today for.

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