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R. L. is that just a matter of what people remember but the site itself I'd I'd love to hear what you have to say about that and then big dog branding how he's back Chris so Chris you know they say you have a beautiful website it does load slowly and they said and here's something I found Chris I I if I was looking as a company for promotional items I'd never find you so I you do have a problem there are you paying people first suppose it SCO no no and this is that's why when I heard you make this offer it's something I've been thinking about your work one third generation were sixty five years old as a company and we got a lot of established clients we haven't changed a whole lot of internet business yeah mainly because there's a a good variety of Walmart of the world date that those are the ones coming up on that first page and to be able to finance we compete with them okay that's a good that's a good point does it he's does it take a lot of money to compete well I think one of the things and because it's so competitive for ham you probably leading online referral business so you really want to look good if nothing else that you show up well for your name because no matter what I believe in and I don't have a problem CL right yes the is shown up your name good reviews having to go to my business optimized which we couldn't find him to be put in your formal name which is pro forma which probably no one's looking for that yeah so your digital footprint does we say genetically even if someone's looking for you is is weak and that is not a guide to fix it doesn't have to be ongoing SCO paying yeah he is yeah so what he's saying is some of your fixes are not ongoing problems are just like quick fixes and frankly some of these it when people call us we'll say Hey you know I'm a Facebook page that's a freebie do it Google my business which is the Google directory have to be in that that's free to do and we can help you with that too please help address with me I'm I'm interested in and thought we just had and on our agenda and I just haven't been able to get around yeah and so willing to their their phone numbers easy it's it's a three oh three nine nine five two forty nine hundred and is a nice thing about this nine five two forty nine hundred get found faster come yet does have a beautiful website doesn't need a website lot of people come to us like that irrigation yeah we're going to want to make I want to make something clear because it's it's always hazy I know I I I'm I'm not making money on on the referral for making here I just we're just doing this because they are one of our advertisers and we're one of their advertising I mean we're business to business with them and and I thought this would be interesting to see how companies do what are the when did you analyze we also took a look at the your case and this is Adam what did you find with Adam hi Adam hello John Adams go ahead five the irrigation guru and the charming farmer dot com I would love for you to maybe give us a little bit about what what you've got going on business wise here because in any in in just a really truthful way nineteen nineties once your website back man like what what's the word you're saying you're saying you don't even know what he does by looking at his website or how does it show up all my god yeah that's okay it's old fashioned but it's very old fashioned traditional arm is that in itself a bad thing if he's older if he has an older down on just has to look good on mobile and any sites or build five years ago or more are not mobile friendly responsive design they call it conjures up click to call it's Google will route it literally penalize you for not having a mobile site because it's not good for the end user but thank you I do want to say this is the one I'm gonna look I should know that and by the way the dot com part of that it says expired so it's a dot net that in itself is young you what do you do by the way what's your business where scraping okay yeah you can you can come up what's the name of your company you're a garrison hero okay can I say something before we move on why is it that people believe that the name of their company must be the name of their website it is the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my life and I'm not you Adam I'm talking about the general notion for example I give I give revitalize health I I mean I like those guys are wonderful but they could get revitalized they get revitalized hyphen health dot com that's not that bad okay but it doesn't really saying he but that's the name of the company so they thought they had to have a website like that I mean we have so many companies that if they can't get the name of their website in their best their business in our website they talked to all the initials A. B. C. X. wide too you know T. R. W. dash this just to get their name and I think you just forget it you know a six something could be let al fix it it could be like poached scrubber it could be like the hormone pros it doesn't have to be the name of your business doesn't and nobody looks in the search bar to see that it's like this okay I love Pat is yeah I love what they're doing with their brand but I just put real CBT that works dot com okay don't you think there's something to be said about that why is it that business owners feel their name has to be on their website and if you have a web address that's beds searched by its name like if the guy that I see B. D. dot com it's got a lot of heads thank you type in his name and write it just like the Denver Palmer or anything so you want to have what you do in the U. R. L. that's right and you want to dot com and they're hard to come by right that's why people would just make it up you know if you if you have a it's all right to have more than one you are all too so if panacea life sciences they're great people or panacea alive the both of those work if they want to have that because that's their corporate eight habit but there's nothing wrong with having a trade you are out I call it a trade you are I'll get you know this this if it doesn't have to be the name of the business it is always better if it can be but not it's not only to our basements irrigation grew tells me nothing about what he does right so that you can have to Europe you are else it redirects you still have one web so I called the re direct very simple to do right so anyway what we your entire website how does it show up in SCO how to shop when you Google dot at that kind of stuff well on this one unfortunately he's not showing up for his for anything other than his name so it has a shop at all this is one of those cases on that unfortunately if you came to us we'd say we need to start with a new website yeah you start over and and also if you can give it another name it would be good too but yeah I Adam you probably didn't come on here to hear this how is your business though doing I'm I'm I'm assuming that how is the business doing great but it's all word of mouth right no we weren't going to move and you know we're not very computer savvy and so that was on our list this year to get our website be done you know what I always feel some of the best businesses are and back and most ethical in most forthright they're the guys that aren't represented well because they're so happy they're so focused on their business you know what I mean they don't and then they haven't found anyone they can trust I can't get irrigation grew to come up at all it's pretty visible and again it's so important so my neighbor uses your recommended to me I'm still going to look it up I want to see reviews I want to look at the website look at a gallery of photos so having a good website if nothing else is going to help convert those refer only so you know Adam if you know if you want to go see these guys are talk to people very remember this okay you need it if not every single question is not answered don't use people this stuff about you know don't look here look here you know and don't look behind the curtain look here they have to be able to answer everything six wanted by farmers insurance we are farmers there's just a couple of minor slow spots in the highway.

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