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Fifteen and forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a Honda now to Frank camera hand one hundred and fifty second running of the Belmont Stakes goes to take his ball law it's a one million dollar payday pulls away on the backstretch and tis the law that's T. I. Z. the law wins the one hundred and fifty second running at the Belmont Stakes restaurants will be retiring the Jersey of the late Bobby Mitchell number forty nine this will mark just the second time in the teams eighty eight year history of Jersey number will officially be retired team also said they are renaming the lower level of fed ex field in honor of Bobby Mitchell the medical director for the NFL Players Association is advising players to avoid working out with teammates to prevent the spread of corona virus Dr Thom Mayer saying that the NFL Players Association is working on safety protocols for training camps which are set to begin in late July of course you see on social media a lot of players working out together in this doctor's saying you shouldn't be doing that again tis the law wins at the Belmont Stakes in front of no fans of hurricane Randy B. T. O. P. sports thank you Frank coming up after traffic and weather an effort to make sure the images and artifacts of these historic times are preserved for future generations it's seven forty seven hi I'm your fingers owner you will come to the definition of normal is conforming to a standard the standards for roofing companies to change water.

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