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Upcoming big game? Here's Jim Colony. Good morning, guys. And Good morning. Every body. One of the many reasons the Steelers are still undefeated is not just the return of Ben Roethlisberger. But um or efficient Ben Roethlisberger, moving the ball with quick, crisp passes. The downside, however more passes or being tipped at the line of scrimmage for I just got out of coach Randy's office. We're talking about some things and that that came up. Obviously, when you do the RP, Oh game run pass option. The ball's going to come out quick because you know it's a It's a run kind of play. And so you've got to get the ball off course The blocking is not there plus the passes or lower, easier to tip, which led to one of his three interceptions in Tennessee. And he'll be facing a better defense Sunday in Baltimore. Meanwhile, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson happy to add veteran Dez Bryant to his arsenal is tremendous. Just got to see what he was capable of, You know, a more ideal. I understand. I'm getting. Bryant, though, hasn't played in three years and remains on the Ravens practice squad. Not sure if he'll be active for Sunday's one kickoff in Baltimore. Derek what return to practice yesterday, but Mike Hilton did not. Thursday night. Football. Atlanta's at Carolina Westwood one coverage on the fan beginning at eight o'clock, Penn State's home against Ohio State Saturday night than ending lines now without their top two running backs, So you have to wonder if they can hang with the third rank Buckeyes. Many Lions quarterback Shawn Clifford says, Please, That's not something that really goes through my mind like, Oh, we can. We can hang with this seem like I'm not. I'm not here to hang with Ohio State. I'm here to beat Ohio State. Not to 7 30 kickoff at Beaver Stadium. Still, no fans allowed. Finally, they finish that NASCAR race in Texas. Kyle Busch picked up his first win of the year from the Pittsburgh Senior Benefits Advisor. Sports Desk. I'm Jim Colony. NewsRadio, 10 20, Katy K. Sports Online on video and on your radio. It's the Katy K Radio Morning show Larry Richard and Kevin Battle. This's state Senator Pam I ot know later in their lives, I was a caregiver for my parents. My dad suffered a debilitating stroke and my mother had a fall, resulting in a severe and permanent brain injury..

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