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We call the nudge where we put your questions at the front of the line and you can ask questions. Like b rad. Brad asks been playing a little bioshock recently. And i was wondering which fictional self-proclaimed utopia would be the worst to live in Self proclaimed fictional self-proclaimed utopia be the worst to live in handmaid's tale. Isn't that like the absolute worst. Yeah because it's quote unquote a utopia writes quote unquote peace has been established. And that's a thing where it's like it has to be like it can't be like zombie like peace isn't established yet so a utopia. That's the answer may have what's called not the matrix I'll librium picks. Oh yeah but also the matrix would be a terrible place to live as well But equilibrium yeah where you have to take pills to to surprise suppress your emotion all the time all the other one is brave new world where you have to take a soma so you can actually get a high the island you'll alive. Yeah yeah equilibrium. I think is my answer for that. Next question yeah. Next question comes from spencer. Shoutout dark question. What would be your game plan in the hunger games. So you're fighting against twelve or thirteen other people based from different districts. Yes right so depending how where you lay yourself. Obviously you're gonna have different skills. i. I'm going breaking down of like okay. So you get you get popped up in this world all your weapons or in the center yet the run towards it and then run away and then fight off whatever things..

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