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A two game. Rodriguez the right hander. I think it's ricardo rodriguez right. Ricardo rodriguez i have that right. Richard rodriguez rodriguez is in the mount for the braves. We have runners on first. And second dave. Roberts announces the cody. Bellinger is going to be. The pinch hitter from rooster ryan. Snicker goes to a left-hander masic. So at that point. Dave roberts has a choice he can either allow cody bellinger. Who has been terrible against lefties hip or he could flip it around and immediately gone to our pool halls who has hit really well against lefties. Yep so dame answer to outs okay to us in the end cody bellinger. Ground ball shortstop final. This is one of those. This is ahead scratch for me. This is one that makes me think This is not andrew. Friedman made this decision. Like some of these things i think andrew friedman and dave and those guys they scripted all out. And here's what you're gonna do when you when this situation comes up and here's what you're going to do when that situation comes up all that stuff in this particular situation. I think it's dave. I think dave is the guy that elected to allow bellinger to hit. And and i think this is one of those reasons. Why people get critical of dave roberts. And i know we're micro analyzing right but that's what you do. We're just about to that point. A year when everything gets micro analyzed. Playoffs twenty-seven outs this weekend twenty-seven odds each game. How are those twenty-seven it's going to be managed in this particular scenario. I think dave did the wrong thing. What do you think well you know. It's like in this scenario i. I'm okay with his decision because the dodgers are better team when cody bellinger is in their everyday in facing when he cody bellinger. And i think this is still the part of the year where he can work on it. Maybe there are things. That cody is working on that. He's working on right now to try to improve against lefties to give them an opportunity and this is still the work on phase of of the year. But we're getting really close the part where it's not yet the playoffs. You got to put pools in their bellinger and you know he was. Mvp all that stuff. But i mean reluctantly. He's been one of the worst every day hitters in major league baseball in the worst. Yep he's batting a buck. Seventy bucks fifty. Whatever it is against lefties is batting a buck. Twenty why would you leave him in there in a two two game when you're in a pennant race. That's the difference. We're us when we were seven games up last year and coast and i understand letting work it up but if you are chasing the giants for the nfl west crown why would you stick with cody. Bellinger in that. I guess i can see it in. The sense of cody comes through there if he gets hit any drives in a couple of runs and that's the decisive hit. That is so huge for his confidence. And it's worth the it's worth the you know the risk here and putting putting them out there. I mean he didn't strike out. Whenever i mean it wasn't great grandpa. He was looking at the upside of him. Getting a hit. They're not just in that game but for what it would mean for him going forward not time to look at. What's what's going to happen for him. Going forward in that moment albert pool hall should be at the plate period. Full stop and no. I said the cable news thing full stop. Everybody says full stop now. Hey let's go to promote south central. Primo you're at seven ten. what are you doing. Hey guys it's going on doing guys. I just wanted to say that teams that teams. That are hated a lot. They're usually heated because they win a lot. They win a lot games. But but the hague with that hate comes to respect like. I'm an old raider. I i remember every player on the pittsburgh steelers because that was our arrival. We had the if you had to win. afc championship. He had to beat the raiders of order. Steelers like the celtics and the lakers. I hate to celtics. But i really don't really hate him. I respect the heck out of them. Because i know everybody on the damn team. I know everybody and That that's why you're hated because you win a lot because you're winning all right. That's that's why. I appreciate that premium. Yeah i mean. I think that's part of it. You know we're able to at the trade deadline. Nobody else could do this. We went out and got max scherzer and trae turner out and got a cy young award winner and a guy who's gonna be top five and most valuable player this year. That's what we did at the trade deadline. Your move all my beer says andrew friedman. I'm just used to this this role. Because i mean when you go to stanford this is the this is the snooty stanford role. Okay like you just you just get used to people being jealous like you just get used to it so i think it's fine you just lean into it. You know the the general rules are you. Don't need to rub it in. You don't need to tell people how great you are. You just say you know like that's nice. Okay good for you good for you. Let's go to joe. Jose jose you're on seven ten. What's up guys. Hey love yourself thank you. Yeah no. I just felt like a lot of hay comes from people just thinking. We're the rich kid in town. You know like we have pockets. Were not afraid greatest. Spend money but realistically a lot of our county homegrown you know you know what. That's a very good point a lot of our tent and this is one of the things the dodgers have been able to do. You look at guys like will smith and you say hey. That guy's been our system for who already has been our system for a long time. You know we've developed these guys. That's what makes the dodgers so deadly is that not only are we do. We have deep pockets. Were also good developing talent. Cory seager develop talent going out on the on the waiver wire finding what would traditionally known as a four a guy guy who's Better than triple a. But not quite good enough for the major leagues we found. max muncie. we found corey code Who i think of. Chris chris taylor those are array guys. We were able to develop those guys once. They got into the organization. Good call jose. Thank you man. That's why andrew. Friedman is so good at what he does zabel to do two things at once. I mean even the guys they found. I mean billy mckinney. Right i mean just the the guys. They've just burnt on this year in the middle of the year and picked up in these. Remember when they signed. Aj pollock and i. It was like aj pollick. That's your big signing this year. Guys been nails yeah. He's been great. He's been great and they got what looks to be a pretty reasonable price. In retrospect now yeah. It looks very reasonable. That first year renews hurt. You said oh man what are we doing. Why did we. Why did we yeah. We're making fun of andrew and far hans for all the middle relievers kept signing. Got another middle reliever but look at the talent that they've been able to develop guys guys. You don't think phil bickford where he comes from. Brazil where did they come from. Yeah you guys. Alex or vesey i guess is the official pronunciation austin barnes. You know down the line we've been able to develop real talent and pluck guys off the waiver wire who have turned into stars nobody wanted max muncie maximum almost out of the game and we found him and developed them and now look at him. And here's the other. Here's the other point. They know which ones to let go to. And i was reminded of that last night. When jack peterson was there. I like chocolate. I think he's a he's a good players he's a really good guy But they made the right call right..

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