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Jim gaffe, again, big J O Kherson, Gary Goldman, Chris read Michelle wolf site. The sounds rich Voss is hosting and yours to oh freckles all fucking freckles with his headphones, not the headphones. It's the God damn Jack buck and Jack Bom Bom bone. Sorry, anyways. So this week. I got to do this enter the Skype interview with this coffee company. All right and a fucking hate. I hate Skype. Fucking eighty escapes. Another one of those fucking things on your computer that once you downloaded every time you turn your computer on it fucking sticks. It's fucking God. Damned face out there. It's like, hey, did I click on you? Did I click on you? I got this other thing, right? I got I got this. External hard drive thing. I used it one time every time I shut down my computer and turn it back on again. It's like that fucking. You know that person at the party when you just sit there like who invited this guy. That's what all of those apps alike. You know, we need to make sure every time they turn on your computer that this comes on. And we've remind minutes on your computer. It makes me want to do is eventually grabbed that icon or whatever. The fuck you call it and drag it over the trash can and my favorite thing ever is when you hit the league trash that little poof poof adjust. You know, when you like, wouldn't it be great? It'd be could do that to the the part. Just fucking big paper machine. Aero you put it on them. And you poke them in his belly he giggles, and then he just he just disappears, and you can get back to the cool conversation. You will haven't or maybe you were just sitting there and join yourself in the corner, and he decided that he was going to be you know, I'm social guy. I'm just gonna come up and say Hello rather than seeing that somebody clearly is over in the corner, not wanting to talk to anybody. I'm gonna go over there and go fuck and talk to them. You know what I mean? I don't know. I mean, maybe that's just a fucking white thing. The way we fuck and walk up to wild animals and shit. Maybe we should starts at the party by going over to the person in the corner who clearly has some sort of fucking issues clearly not personally want to steer clear of you got to walk up you walk up you say Hello. And because of the rules of society over there. This guy doesn't rip you fuck and head off. And then you just oh, I think maybe I'll apply the same annoying behaviour. I use it a party into the wild. Maybe I'll do that. Hey, polar bear, I'm gonna come on and being open fucking spirit. The amount of follow that discovers sharks on Instagram the amount of fucking morons that are so into sharks the trying to prove how not dangerous they are. And they're fucking jumping in the water with them. It's like he didn't he didn't watch the crocodile hunter. That's what the fuck. He did do you think, you know, nature better than that guy? To the way that guy got killed. That was like a great episode of the wire, you just didn't see it coming. You know, what I mean all those years fucking with those ridiculously ridiculously poisoned, snakes, snakes fucking Australia that could take out a small country with one bite the entire fucking population. And this guy's going over there with his fucking booty shorts on with aerobic socks. Fucking with these things you think in one of these days this guy's going to get bit. And it's shapely tan. Cavs right nap. All right. Maybe it's going to be. I don't know. What else did he fuck with some sort of fucking wild boar? That's what you thought was going to get them. Certainly a fuck and crocodile. You know, you thought that would get him in one ended of fucking getting goddamn Stingray. Never saw that. Come. And that was just like the wire what's his face? God I forgot I Kana fucking guy used to rob the drug deals. I'm not going to ruin much..

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