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Movement of construction equipment so plan an alternate route again that'll be I two thirty five and I forty four for one hour from nine thirty to ten thirty tomorrow morning rocking to traffic a brutal cold and flu season is here the number one flu symptom is fever so use a thermometer proven accurate by more than eighty clinical studies we can't always predict the flu season but we can always prepare for with the expert in temporal scanner ex Surgeon dot com according to Mike Morgan of the four warn storm team we are going to be cloudy tonight breezy with falling temperatures down to thirty one eighty percent chance of rain by tomorrow afternoon and a high of thirty nine we will see rain continuing into tomorrow night with a high a low of thirty five then hundreds and chance of cold raw rain all day Friday and a high of forty eight finally the sun coming out on Saturday will be sunny with a high of fifty one and dry the rest of the weekend right now it's fifty one at newsradio one thousand Katie okay this report is sponsored by Allstate if you have been quoted all stay lately it's the perfect time now all state has new lower auto.

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