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At Fox 31 Pinpoint whether Great day to day Low 31 Tonight 61 tomorrow in Denver snow showers tomorrow night and Thursday. Thursday's high just 36 degrees, but enjoy it. Now it's 64 in Denver, Denver D. A. Beth McCann will try to 16 year olds Kevin Boy and Gavin Seymour was 60 felonies, including murder, attempted murder, assault and arson. The two and a 15 year old are accused of starting last summer's fire that killed five members of a Senegalese family at their home in Green Valley Ranch. Three others survived the fire by jumping from second story windows. The arrest affidavit, sir sealed the two names suspects are being tried as adults, The D A says they'll ask to have the 15 Year Olds case transferred from juvenile court to district court. In an email to employees. Amazon chief Jeff Bezos says he's stepping down transitioning to executive chair of the board. Amazon Web CEO Andrew Jassy will be CEO of Amazon The White House has announced more action to vaccinate more people faster by freeing up more doses for states beginning to distribute them as well to retail pharmacies next week. Governor, Pola says. We'll get some of those doses, probably somewhere in the 5 to 10,000 range that will be going directly to pharmacies in Colorado 50 pharmacies. Governor, Puller says. We're still on track to expand. The vaccine pulled those 65 to 69 starting next week, President Biden is expected to sign several executive orders today on immigration. Here's press secretary Jen Psaki, the first executive order creates a task force chaired by the secretary of Homeland Security to reunify film in families. Which will work across government to find parents and Children separated by the prior administration on Wall Street. Today, the Dow soared 476 points. NASDAQ was up 209 S and P. 500 gained 50 too well at the end of the day once, Nolan Ah, Renato said he wanted out of his contract, Rocky's owner, Dick Monfort, says. There was no reason to wait to do a deal. Having mopped out at the end of the year and you get a draft choice or you can talk some other teams and see if you can make a better deal. Montfort says. He knows fans were upset about the trade and they'll deal with that. Our next update at 3 30 I'm Cathy Walker on care Way news radio 8:50, A.m. and 94 When FM you've been Lied to Like to buy corrupt Washington politicians in the Wall Street propaganda machine. Hi I'm Inc magazine Best selling author Brett Kitchen, and I Want to give you a free copy of my brand new book wealth Beyond Wall Street, Because we all know another market crash could be right around the corner after losing 35% in my IRA and the crash years ago, I said enough, and since then I discovered a way to grow money, potentially double digits, reduced taxes dramatically and also have my money protected when the.

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