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Let's go out. Never wear whatever gun let's go out with nothing. There we go way. 104, the number one hit Music station. Oh, exact can yelling and with with with Let me thank you for coming. If you ain't got the way they may have heard from your many very just tell me what to do. And I did it, baby booty impart crib in the middle of the night. Why don't you bring over? Everything is over. Maybe nobody. No crazy, don't you? Everybody e never sees gone crazy. E could tell you that the only time it's like we're married. Excuse me. I need some lovin skills. Let my brother has come lazy with it is really interesting killer. Given time. I could put it on my own. You never said you never tell me last night Time ties crib in the middle of the night. She put it down right now. But you're right. You don't have to make a baby. Everything is amazing. Crazy, Everybody. Yeah, Give me that. When they say I'm choosing my top down. Gotta doing doughnuts on it. Yeah. Pulls out a quick baby. Want to do it? She don't need no bank robber. Yeah. What about me? Don't get down down. Put it down. Put it down. Put it down. Put it down Chip crib in the middle of the night that you must have put it down right down back. I can put you on a flight. You know that and make you change your life, okay? Everything. It was amazing. Nobody got more crazy. Don't you use your brain? Everything. He does amazing. Nobody got crazy, don't you Everybody? Would You shut your zero before this Saturday morning, Chris Brown young thug going crazy and brand new music Now from area on a grand a 34 35 36.

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