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East bay you have men in studio since you had the baby congratulations thank you he and this president are taken all my sleep they're keeping your way i don't know which one is a veteran war we will we will get to the president let's let's start with it with a fire situation a at last less reporter saw is that we have a fifteen thousand businesses and structures uh destroyed so far and and they believe that that's and undercount right now the the emphasis is on saving lives as opposed to saving property uh got twenty thousand people have been evacuated at numbers probably going to rise what kind of uh of federal assistance is available to those who are displaced or to those who end up losing homes are losing businesses and property the prime like you you know we're we're seen him and smelling the effect and breeding the effects are here in the period just shows you you know what kind of fire the sisters rage and it's a number of fires one person are now has died in the fire and so i know my colleagues jared huffman and mike thompson in the area you know they're doing all they can to help her constituents but it's not unusual to seek fema a funding of for something like this that happened back in 2014 a theme aid was provided so the governor's declared a state of emergency i know right now you know that that the declarations you know that's the job of lawmakers the first responders they're just driving up there as fast as they can i know that hayward fire department and alameda county fire department to other sending folks up there right now and so it so as fremont fire department from our area so it's an all handson effort uh right now but hopefully the federal resources common to help people who have been displaced or have lost their livelihood it's is crazy i you're talking about a over the bear earlier yours i woke up this morning i was telling alexandro and i woke up this morning and i barbecued yesterday and i am struggled i i showered why do i smell like slow and it was it was from the fire i mean all the widow sandra are rp dealers down in uh in san jose and he said he smelt smoke this morning so it's a it's a terrible situation.

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