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He's the greatest team athlete ever because to be the greatest you have to beat the greatest it wasn't that was the knock on tiger woods hey jack nicholas had to beat arnold palmer anc gary player and you listed all those great golfers and you always criticise tiger woods hooted tiger beat i mean phil mickelson his sergio i mean who was really great that was always your criticism of tiger to be the greatest you've got to beat some greats all lee beat frazier foreman norton mike tyson couldn't beat holyfield or lennox lewis he beat trevor berbick in an old larry holmes to be the greatest who'd jim beat tom brady beat two teams the st louis rams who already at a title were on their way to a dynasty brady ended it the seattle seahawks already outta championship on their way to a dynasty brady psychologically and physically ended it they were never the same after that loss peyton manning in the colts on their way to a dynasty tom brady never let it happened michael jordan beat utah twice in the finals even when he retired they couldn't get to the finals he then beat portland phoenix and seattle those group of players never won titles and the lakers team he beat karim was done and magic was done right after that michael could never get past the pistons in the celtics when they were in their prime brady went into the teeth of that seattle defense in its prime and owned it and into the teeth of a st louis dynasty in its prime and beat it at in the teeth of peyton manning many consider many consider the greatest quarterback of all time they do many and he never let the dynasty become a real thing.

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