Joe Walsh, Joyce Davenport, Vice President discussed on Charlie Parker


One Joe Walsh in a band called the James gang he currently of course is a member of the eagles price it not so much money man accounted Joe Walsh is seventy two our district attorney Joyce Davenport on hill street blues so yeah man she was smoking ever check her out lately she seventy six today while the former vice president of the United States Joe Biden is seventy seven wonderful have a cake democratic debate and Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people Mister Norman Greenbaum Norman Greenbaum today is seventy seven you might remember he played Marty funk house around curb your enthusiasm Larry Arrested Development you know I'm a super Dave Osborne yes five on scene would have been seventy seven today he died earlier this year former United States senator former United States Attorney General presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy born on this day in nineteen twenty five assassinated June sixth nineteen sixty eight and one of the top five guitarist ever to live why all my god started studio musician.

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