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You. No longer doing out any money for the wall. Now. Have I not clear on okay? No, I have been very clear on the wall. Yeah. Very clear, but let me just go to the previous question and say, this is an associate myself with the remarks of the leader in our caucus, the beauty of it is the mix, and I always say when people say to me, oh, you're so good at it. We're getting a caucus. No. I don't unifier. Our values unify us. And I'm sure it's the same in the Senate. And the fact is is that our diversity is our strength, the differences in so many different ways, including differences of opinion. That's our strength. But our unity is our power. And that is not maybe the president underestimated. Thank you everybody. All right. So you've been listening from Washington house speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Senate minority leader Senator Chuck Schumer. Of course as expected to address falling those comments by President Trump and the shutdown. I think what's key is that at this point the government is reopened. And now they are going to go back. I would assume to the negotiating table, and they will try to figure out something in terms of funding. Ding when it comes to homeland security, and so that is still an issue. A key issue to be worked at at this point as for the state of the union. This is something we've talked about Craig Gordon Nancy Pelosi saying the state of the union is not planned at this moment. The address what happened next week, right, but not expected to and she said, she would discuss a date for that address when the government is up and running well, and one notable thing we did talk to Craig Gordon about this is well Chuck Schumer, saying something, they'd probably Nancy Pelosi can't say about herself speaker policy can't say, which is that the president learned not to underestimate Nancy Pelosi, and as Craig I think very wisely pointed out, and and remember Nancy Pelosi's paths back to the speakership was not clear, you know, within the party hard to imagine this happening under someone without her political savvy, candidly we're talking about. The history books and how we're going to write this era of our political history. But I think what's going to be interesting just about the Trump tenure at least so far is you've got the first two years right where he had his party in charge of congress. And now you've got a split congress, and it's a little bit of a different situation..

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