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Molested three children and now church leaders don't even know where the priest is gone. Mondo Parada had been the pastor of a Catholic parish in Dallas for twenty seven years Dallas Bishop Edward burns says three adults came to the diocese earlier. This year saying they had been molested more than ten years ago when they were teenagers the diocese suspended Pereira's and called, police burns says he's hired a researcher to compare this case to. The grand jury report saying hundreds of kids may have been abused by priests and Pennsylvania, it is important to identify from the. Pennsylvania grand jury report where we can do better but now the diocese cannot find paraders. They've hired two private investigators who say he may have gone to his native Philippines, care Elise. Allen sky reporting badly decomposed body found Sunday. Morning, southeast Dallas near comas bluff preserve. Dallas please saying they, gotta call somebody saying seeds What appeared to be a skeleton. Floating in the Eelam creek near the man's home at this time. The medical examiner has not determined race age or even the sex of the body due. To the condition of the remains a Lewisville man arrested he's accused of stabbing a sixteen month old boy believed to be his son care Christian powers with. The story witnesses called police after they saw a man violently beating and stabbing a young child in the courtyard of the, oak forest apartment complex according to the Dallas Morning News a neighbor. Who saw the commotion grabbed his gun and shot the man in the leg the child, was taken to a hospital but later. Died identities of the suspect and the child have not been released so far no word. On what charges the men may face but we do know the good Samaritan neighbor, will not. Be charged Christian powers NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD Now. Carolee traffic and weather together looking at a couple of accidents in Dallas still one on seventy five northbound at SMU boulevard this is on the service road the main lanes are not blocked but people are. Slowing down to take a look, at what's going on so little slow going through their near mesquite highway eighty westbound at. I thirty looks at two lanes are, still blocked by that crash there Fort Worth thirty five southbound spur to eighty looks like, one lane maybe getting by now but still three. Lanes are blocked we're seeing a very slow go through there so best to avoid that if possible From the Carrollton weather center overnight we're going to see scattered showers and thunderstorms here and there a low of seventy six. Mostly sunny and ninety five on Monday looking for north west winds ten to fifty miles an, hour saying mostly cloudy tonight eighty-five. Degrees at the ten eighty, KRLD weather center..

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