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L three next the the the the pirates oh yeah yeah right that's that's fine that's fine i loved l three i really liked i did not like oh my god that whole situation was fucking stupid because it was good fit one of the or any other any star were great i loved rio it's real jon favreau a guy with four arms oh i didn't care for that i mind it they were the two best characters the movie did not like l three at all thought that that was fucking stupid in the star wars movie stupid that they used it as a as a plot device and as they use it as comic relief like if you wanna get in there and have like like you wanna have like social commentary or something is that what we're going for here don't use it as the bob solutely half ass social commentary and again used as a plot device let's free all of the the droids and they'll go be silly all over the place and getting a bad guys way sounds fucking great and it was social commentary don't undercut it by it being like sealy dumb deroy to ruin everything i didn't think it was going for hard social commentary i just know all of it was lazy it's very lazy i hated the kessel run so much that is not my kessel run yeah me very much and this like listen it's tall order but this kid sucks i thought he was good has on so i thought he was a it was a good performance outside of the constraints of it has to be the solo that was the original performance because i take these movies as like i don't doesn't have to be i don't care if it lines up with like i know the regional movie like i don't want an impression as i would like to at least for it to feel like the character i didn't i felt like mando felt like lando without being an imprint yeah yeah every once in a while it was an impression that was great.

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