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Rosen was on the Buccaneers practice squad on December 23rd. He could've got a ring. He got poached out the practice squad by the San Francisco 40 Niners. Here's a Niner. All right, Who knew that? Is he putting pressure on Jimmy Garoppolo? Quarterback controversy. Question Mark and club. Does he get a ring for being on the practice? What? Why not? I don't know. Do you have to stay on the practice squad Told you Josh Rosen was in which way I should be Hey, helps out in practice would have said that Josh Rose is gonna end up with a Super Bowl ring before any of those other quarterbacks. He'd be the first guy in that class. That would be amazing. Uh, let me get a good start of the day. I first got to win a Super Bowl ring in that last Thanksgiving. I was 21. After the hour. We'll take a break. Brandon Huffman, 24 7 Sports National recruiting editor will join us. Alabama just had a generational recruiting class, according to him. It might be the best recruiting class. In recent memory better than the 2010, Florida Gators. Let him talk about this. The number one player Right now opted not to sign today. And we'll tell you who that is, and that they're a couple of Pac 12 schools. I think that are involved in this chase for the number one player in the country. Take a break phone calls coming up as well. 21 after the hour here on the Dan Patrick Show. This past year. A lot of cyber security attacks including data breaches, network infiltrations, bulk data theft and sail identity theft ransomware. A recent studies suggest that remote workers have become the source of up to 20% of cyber security incidents that have occurred in 2020. We're more lax than ever, and all the zoom calls and the information that we put out there..

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