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Blurb. In the commercial breaks, and you can also subscribe to their Youtube Channel. which do I think it's great? There was a recent article that Bitcoin was declared to be money by a US federal court, so there's that on the on there as well Yep. It's. Perhaps! Currency but electric money. Let's go to back to this article here from Boston Globe, talking about this a scenario where trump doesn't leave office. The game was elaborate. Participants took on the roles of the trump campaign, the Biden campaign, relevant government officials and all and the media, generally demographic or role. Playing this they're. Putting on the trump eric. Democrats play Democrats Republicans pay. Played Republicans and use it. Ten cited died to determine whether a team. Are you serious succeeded in its? Now The Games are not I wonder how much these people are getting paid for this. And why aren't they using a twenty sided die? And no I'm with them on that one actually. I believe in the detail. Yeah I'm with to because you enroll to at once and then you have a percentage so anyway. The Games are not meant to be predictive. Rather they are supposed to give people a sense of possible consequences in a complex scenario, each scenario involved different election outcome, an unclear result on election day that looked increasingly like a biden win as as more ballots were counted a clear Biden win in the popular vote and the Electoral College. And Electoral College Win for trump with Biden winning the popular vote by five percentage points in a narrow electoral college win and Popular Vote Victory for Biden. In the scenarios, the teams playing the trump campaign often questioned the legitimacy of mail in ballots, which often boosted biden as a boosted by as they came in shutting down post offices, pursuing litigation and using right wing media to amplify narratives about a stolen election. To some participants, the game was aced. A stark reminder of the power of incumbency, and it is especially in the case of somebody who's the chief executive of the most powerful organization in the world. It's pretty meaningful to be the incumbent. That's true across most politics or organized crime. Yeah, but if the mayor doesn't WanNa, leave office, the governor can come in and say yeah. You gotta be true. If the governor doesn't want to leave office, the president can come in and say yeah. You gotta go, but if the president doesn't want to leave office, we don't really have good systems for WHO's GonNa. Say Yeah, you gotTA. Go Supreme Court well. As, as Andrew, Jackson is quoted as saying that they like their rulings, they can enforce them. The more demonstrations that there were the more demands for recounts the more legal challenges there were the most funerals for democracy were held. The more trump came across as the candidate of stability said Edward loose the US editor of the Financial Times. Who played the role of a mainstream media reporter? During one of the simulations, possession is nine tenths of the law. In multiple scenarios officials on both sides honed in on the narrowly decided swing states with divided government such as Wisconsin, Michigan North Carolina, hoping to persuade officials there to essentially send two different results Congress, if a state selection is disputed, a legislature controlled by one party, and a governor of another could each send competing slates of electors back to their party's candidate. Both sides turned out massive street protests that trump's sought control in one scenario. He invoked the Insurrection Act which allows the president to use military forces to quell unrest. The scenario that began with A. Narrow Biden win ended with trump refusing to leave the White House burning government documents, and having to be escorted out by secret service, the team playing Biden in that scenario, meanwhile sought to patch things up with republicans by appointing moderate. Republican governors including Chris Charlie Barker of Massachusetts Cabinet positions. All of these scenarios are just a made up construct as part of the simulation though. Like they're saying no. No, they have it on good authority of the ten. Okay. Ten sided die. Never live well. Part of this was made up. Number of scenarios that aren't being discussed. Sure because they are not talking about those went to scenarios that were being discussed in any way like they said this this scenario and we're going to play through the scenario as the scenarios discussed because. Trump wins by a landslide. In forty eight states doesn't have a which is not likely. doesn't have much of a chance of causing unrest. Okay, you know who cares. If Biden winning by a landslide in forty eight states all right well, it sounds like we gotta get that Guy Outta there because there was a win. Narrow wins and mail in ballots and voter claims of voter, fraud and demagoguery and all this stuff i. mean all you have to do is go watch. Fox, news, or MSNBC. CNN Any of that crap and you see. What this could look like. They're already doing it okay. The demagoguery already exists. So I mean all and saying is this is possible, not that it's. I'm not rooting for it. I'm not looking for blood in the streets, but it's possible. Overlooking the real story here, though that all those DVD, players were actually preparing to be a think tank. Indeed they were I certainly was the scenario that produced the most contentious dynamics, however was the one in which trump won the electoral college, and thus the election but Biden won the popular vote by five percentage points Biden team retracted its election night concession fueled by Democrats angry. Angry at losing yet. Another election despite capturing the popular vote as happened in two thousand and two thousand sixteen in the mock election, trump sought to divide Democrats at one point, giving an interview to the intercept a left leaning news outlet, saying that Senator Bernie Sanders would would have won if the Democrats had nominated him. Meanwhile Biden's team sought to encourage large western states to. See less unless pro democracy reforms were made, and this is already going on. There's A in this scenario. Biden is suggesting that states secede. States to see pro democracy reforms, or this is political fantasy in the. Game and it's it's poorly constructed political fantasy like I'm sorry, but like I could see that from trump like. Honestly because. What, he's GonNa do least volume. Neither. Biden, nor any part of the democratic establishment is going to suggest that secession is a possibility under any circumstance well. The Democrats here were played by Democrats so. Okay that I agree. That sounds outlandish. Essentially what the Democrats have been trying to do for some time as get states to agree to a contract that says that all of their electoral votes go to the winner of the popular vote so that they can make it in running around this now. you know you can say what you want about the president being chosen by the Electoral College or by the popular vote. I don't particularly care I. don't really care in the scenario. But, okay, I mean I get it either way. The Electoral College is the way that we currently decide. Who's president and the person who wins that vote is the president in this? Game! No go ahead, not okay I, said if you're playing the. If you're playing to win the popular vote, you're playing the wrong game right right and this seems like a waste of a hypothetical, because that seems like a realistic scenario. Cousin just happened. The scenario seemed highly far fetched, but in invision to sit situation in which both sides may have incentives to contest the election. There's a narrative among activists in both parties that the lost the loss must be legitimate. According to the Constitution the president, the presidency ends at noon on January twenty, at which point the newly inaugurated present becomes commander in chief. South the.

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