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To leo the cat as lucky leo he was reunited with his owners in judo alaska twenty six days after the family's house fell into a swollen river during a glacial outburst flood in early august cat owners elizabeth wilkins and tom schwartz were in oregon mountain biking trip at the time video of the river washing away their house went viral they lost most of their possessions but someone posted a photo of leo on a local facebook page wilkins immediately knew it was the covid kitten they had rescued in 2020 wilkins says leo was a little thinner but otherwise fine the first night he was reunited with his family lucky leo was able to eat four cans of tuna and kill a mouse i'm lisa dwyer sports at 25 and 55 powered by maximus moving people and technology forward here's rob woodfork with multiple athletes and entertainers with dc ties in attendance local product francis tiafoe fell short of a return to the u .s open semifinals losing to fellow american ben shelton four in sets a third set tiebreaker was the key telling espn i mean sometimes you gotta shut off the twenty -year -old shelter will play his first career major semifinal against twenty three -time grand slam champ novak jokovic friday on on the day the mystics announced christy toliver's torn acl washington clinched sixth playoff birth in years seven with a wire -to -wire one hundred seventy seven win in phoenix coach eric tebow just kept the game simple you know i looked at one point i don't know if tasha taking a shot but she had like five assists we had elena at the ball in some good happy with that and you gotta be happy with elena della dunn's birthday celebration she led the hot shooting mystics to the bs first fifty fifty one hundred game they knocked down thirteen of twenty three threes in all eleven free pros the nationals losing streak extends to six in a row five straight at home with an eleven five beat down at the hands of new the york new meds in which patrick corbin gave up more home runs three then he struck out batters to rob woodwork utlp sports coming up we are among the millions in the u .s. sweltering under a relentless heat dome details straight ahead it's twelve fifty six take a stand for less traffic congestion and clean air on car free day friday september twenty second try other ways to get around like transit rideshare biking walking scootering or

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