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Good for you and your range of income during that time those about one seventy all the way to to twenty. Wow. A big jump in ten months. How'd you jump that much in ten months? More work to do for a living CRA? I am a stay at home, mom who home schools leased. Okay. All right. So. Yeah. Esus is you're doing very well. Congratulations great field. And you're right. You just just kick the work down. That's an extra fifty grand look at that. But now you can let the foot off the gas a little bit little bit little what kind of debt was the one hundred nineteen thousand that was all student loans. Low thus the income and thus the degree. Yes, sir. Okay. Cool. Very good. So how long have you been out of school graduated in fourteen okay with my degree? And that's when the student loan kicked in and then after that was buy a house, and we lived in Florida at the time. So gotta house then a year later. A he lock on the house and bought another house for rental during that time was credit card had four zero three b. Auto loan, but I'll total when we moved to Georgia two thousand seventeen the total is five hundred fifty one thousand dollars that we owed. Wow. Okay. A lot when we sat down and just did the math. We were just blown away. So when we moved to Georgia in June of seventeen. How started to sell? We started paying off some of the debt and then at the end by November of two thousand seventeen we were left with what we started off with which was stood alone. Right. The one eighteen left of it initially was sixty now, but shed yourself of all that baggage. Yes. And then game on sort of sort of what happened. What happened was this? Yes. So we're down to sit alone. And then I decided to go by car. Not just little car, but like a fifty thousand dollar car. The new Volkswagen. Atlas that we all. Yeah. So of course, you know, they need heated seats because it was called in Georgia. Yeah. Yes. Decided to get the premium package. So, of course, I'd buyer's remorse. Big no stupid tax. And that's when I knew about you. And we've heard about you down in Florida at the time. So we looked into the program and just went full throttle with a January first we started. The thing. Okay. January first last year ten months later, boom. So what did you do? You went to the class or the book or you're listening on the what did you do? All we listen to podcast watched. It live did the few online. Okay. Because with the working hours. We couldn't attend the class. So we just watched the videos, listen to free screen stories motivated us, and like you you looked in the mirror and said this car was stupid. I got to stop this. Or she say you're stupid. You gotta stop this. Let's just say lose never allowed to take the car for an oil change. That's what happened. Charted fifty grand. That's something. I would do. Let's fabulous. Well, yeah. So we got a whole new way of looking at money. Now we worked together. That's right. That's right. And we all did it together. We all went through it together. And they saw what we went through. And they went there were great fantastic. So you did that you've got this great income you did this really fast. Will you ever go back? A no. And that's about the baby says you never have to go back to baby step two around. You always go back to babysit three mercy fun. And that's it going forward. You're never going to one or two unless you go for all. That's so good. That people do that all the time. And that's the perfect. That's a perfect analogy or metaphor for the whole deal, man. That's that's just well done. Good. Good. So what's the secret to getting out of debt row? It's a lot of hard work. But when you get closer to the end, you see that light at the end of the tunnel, and you just push harder to get there. About louis. He's not afraid of hard work. He went to work hard. Hartman. He was doing a lot of hours. Yeah. Yeah. Very good. That ten months was brutal. And now, we know we can do anything. What do you think the secret to getting out of debt is say discipline discipline on budgeting do the budget down? Do it every month discipline and communicating just all around just saying, no, we'll said Noah lot, and we just took day hikes packed a bag five dollars for state park. That's your day. So we just did a lot of outdoor activities that kept us busy. But just say no lot year though. But it seemed even those ten let's see long with. So radical change the system of your family. Permanently. Very good. Well done you guys who were your biggest cheerleaders outside your family. We'll have to say Djelic feel. There's so many Joachim Felix. They went through our f p go ahead and lead and nephew class. Twelfth Oku actually contacted a Brian Bush that we're here today. He's here supporting us love it. Stephen, Catherine ten Jeff and David the so a lot of folks out there, getting them all love it. That's great. Great. And so you ended up teaching a class that helps too because once your teaching it you have to do it. And when we were teaching it we announce that we're debt free during that process and also Catherine she was in a class and somebody else paid off a attacks the seventy three thousand dollars. Wow. Okay. Everybody gets on board. Then. Yes. A different kind of normal people doing smart stuff. Yeah. Well done you guys. Well done you guys. I'm proud of y'all. Good job. We got a copy of Chris Hogan's every day millionaires book for you. You're definitely going to be in that category before, you know, wonderful income wonderful income potential as well, and anything you wanna do all you geared up and go after it a love it. Right. Very very cool. All right. It's Lou and ro Alexa and Gabby from Atlanta, Georgia one hundred eighteen. Thousand dollars paid off in ten months. Mega one seventy two to twenty five counted down. Let's hear a debt free scream three. That's how it's done. Let's just say he's land.

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