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Also in a four way race has a tied up forty two forty two in a two way race clinton is up two points again those numbers have sunk for hillary clinton the new york times ball she was way up about four five weeks ago in the rest music and trump is up by two suffered hi outpolled trump is up by three points in ohio that's less than he was in the other pull that came out a few days ago both blum bird and cnn polls show that trump leads by five points nl high oh florida in the suffered poll which always seems to be a little lower for trump but nonetheless he's tied in florida and that poll but he's up by two or three points and at least one other paul in florida now this is interesting in colorado that emerson poll shows trump up by three points and colorado remember at the beginning of august he was down i believe six and i'm trying to remember this again i have and field hockey i have been hit in the head with appeal hockey ball before knows a hard in the field knocking off that makes the look cross the ball look like unearth up first basketball to feel lucky balls like a croquet ball hit me in net in the iowa poll we all know this by now trump is up eight points another plays at nine points bay's up eight points in iowa romney last iowa i think nine points last time trump is up eight points romney last iowa by several points i route that off on hitting last night trying to remember i was everywhere the great so it's fun to be with hand in the stadium by the way he cracks me out he's like a big brother he's if.

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