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Me quality chase to court on the cattle industry's beat quality assurance program and that's reform news on talk radio is new generation I'm Ron Hayes four K. OKC lucky star casino purse sense on July twenty six twenty seven one in three adults in America have pre diabetes but most don't know it to let people know it can be reversed before it becomes type two diabetes professional basketball player Julius Randle is doing everything in reverse I'm only done with reverse one mills until the wheel with a practice in reverse I don't recommend it this call to reverse shuffle I do recommend and it took me months to learn how to speak in reverse like this here's ten almost for diabetes type two with living been house mama in other words my mom has been living with type two diabetes for almost ten years so together we want to say to the eighty four million Americans at risk exercise and healthy eating can help reverse pre diabetes start by taking a simple one minute recess I do I have pre diabetes dot org brought to you by the ad council in its pre diabetes awareness partners but you can say that in reverse welcome back to the Castro up next we have Niko Niko is a member of the shelter that group that's right the group in the specially for their sons by sleeping Paul chasing the grooming and of course companionship just because she struts sections the place and see how she calls up and cuddles her person the pitch on her purring is simply perfect nice one fantastic cast but really the best way to know an amazing show to pet like Nico was to meet one was at the shelter pet project dot org today adopt would you buy mens.

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