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Needed and that you know republicans have blood on their hands it's the typical mol that happens after anything like this you know uh uh ha or horrendous event uh happens but as you and i have noted that if you look over the last twenty twenty five years especially the last twenty years when uh when when you know we are had been online that that uh you know you've got twenty four seven news channels covering every uh a shooting wasn't the same 25 years ago you didn't have the number of channels that would you know devote the the type of coverage uh to it and it became a huge political issue you remember back during the clinton administration especially the beginning of the clinton administration even the end of of of a george herbert walker bush is uh a term it was huge i mean it was a huge issue guncontrol and it was gaining you know gained a lot of of traction at that point and then as you know we got more 247 news channels and then as we've got uh you know people online over the last twenty years and everybody is able to see what happens everywhere immediately what we found is even though they're a benz a lot of horrendous shootings over the last twenty like there have been in this country for a significant period of time uh the opposite has happened people saved no i think i feel safer if i was arm myself in this particular situation the realization is from i think people that are even well as you know as as you and i talked about earlier that that when uh conservatives and republicans would say look the reason the second amendment exist uh is uh to protect us from an oppressive government and the left used to go crazy at that absolutely crazy that's just ridiculous to say something like that soon as donald trump was president we noted on this show is did many others that the sales of guns to a different demographic skyrocketed and it was many on the left who were then vine guns stating that they needed to buy a gun to protect them from an oppressive government and an oppressive and fascist president and we just said oh cable than they they understand and my my point is not to have a back and forth on that one but when it comes down to it when people feel threatened.

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