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23 to go in the second period. Three. Nothing avalanche over the same Louis Blues done score with two McKinnon with one McKinnon with another multi point night as he continues. Be outrageous in the postseason for the Colorado Avalanche is we say hello to Cody and Yellowstone River. Montana has Pruis on the west coast of Australia in Perth. Thank you. Being with us on the altitude radio network they saw is to the right of Bennington false start. Delmar. Is being asked to leave. So here come Jakey comfort to do his best in the dark and when it away from Prozac and Blues will fling it down. Ice stopped by Timmons. Over for Belmar will spin around. It's the Red Line. Dumps it in. Stop by Bennington, Behind the Net. Looks over his shoulder taken away on the four check. Timmins will pinch pot. Come scrape Elmar swats in front and the Avalanche got turned around a little bit too much good pressure, though. Has Timmons is the first one back rolled away from him? Maybe a little too overconfident there from Connor Timmons Azad Blues Keep it in. It is parayko down the wall. Humans again in the corner rotates it all the way around all by his lonesome is Jonah's Don story now. Belmar games, the Red line. Flips it in Bennington ought to stop it, and they almost turn it over again. Shen back and feet ahead intercepted by Nathan McKinnon. And Gerard can handle it. Neither can Phil approve our loose near sidewall the car trying to get their Shen has it. Sit for terrorists and go back for Shang Terrace sank over his past tonight by Sam Gerard in the Travis Oy Now Landis got out towards center ice ball will bring it back Then get there ahead of me. Go ranting it. L'm a card here inside Circle over for Sam Gerard 407. They go in the second period against three. Nothing Colorado McKinnon into the corner. Battle there with Falk. And now Sammy, play on the feet from Paul, Airmail it down ice, Not enough rice and kill my car. Go behind his own net. Big hits. Starting the flow is the Avalanche. Turn it over. Here's Torey Krug makes the slap shot Another bid. No angle. Try. They score. It's off a group our and in And we talked about defensive zone turnovers before the game. There's another one and elite to a blues goal and they get within 23 43 to go in period too. That's just a tough balance. I mean, story group, shoot the pockets of flex towards the corner and somehow Sami blaze just standing there in the corner. He gets the puck. I think he shot it from below. Yeah, shut up from below the goal line ricochets off the inside inside pad. Grubauer. It goes in the net. I mean, If you shoot that buck from that spot 100 more times. It's not going. It's not going so That's just that's just an unfortunate bounce. Third goal of Sami plays playoff career on the ads Send it down ice intercepted by Parayko blobs of the other way, way, have more pushing and shoving as parayko is going afternoons and cadre Sanford always looking for an occasion to get involved in some physicality will chase after and here comes Kyle Clifford doesn't want to be left out. As fans. They're sick of Kyle Clifford is he's just shadowing. 1000 cadre inside the blue zones. Now Clifford finds a different target circling around Sam Gerard. I think things have now settled with 3 30 to go in period, too. I'm not sure what happened there. But as a cadre didn't like the Sanford. For for good reason. I'm sure but You know they that fourth line's been stirring the pot all night for ST Louis. So I think address. He's the type of human being that At some point he's had enough himself but again, you can't bite. You can't get real into that right. They stop one by the avalanche blasted in my graves Choose could works it loose side to the corner. Exit from a juice get behind the net. Jew Skin went left apartment right now, Parayko ahead for O'Reilly bouncing through center ice. He'll send to the park corner. Those shoulder to shoulder braids raised off the wall. Centering feed picked up by the avalanche to skin will storm ahead across center ice across the blues line. Now choose come back and try wide of the net just will pinch Keeps it alive, rolled off his tape. Piru steals it away and I'll kill macarons Possession at center ice Little Rainbow A deep as will change. So will the blues to 49 ago in period two shots 27 17 Avalanche. Colorado leads 3 to 1. PICO are behind his own net feet ahead for Kyle Clippard swatted aside smartly bite of on tapes. Now Sanford behind the Net, kicked aside by Mikko Rantanen up the wall play, has it Stop that and my car will get it towards center ice fall overstepped. It sends it back along the boards sand for or arrested in past group. Our Dave's trying to get there ahead of Clifford. My friend has been taken away by McKinnon. Now the fourth line for the booze will slightly back deep in the near side corner stamp that by Landis God comes free. Landeskog will just send it up in out over the head of Sanford. They're gonna call this icing on Colorado, with 202 to go in period to it is a two goal lead. For the AB alliance with Peyton Manning in the House, enjoying some avalanche hockey and you hear the crowd respond accordingly to the champion of Super Bowl. To see him in the house of your stick and puck hockey game for him. You stop one by the Avalanche my car off the glass out towards center ice under the stick of fault, Right? Tintin is right behind me. Go ranting lips his dick as the park right there, but fell down to the ice. Shan is able to take advantage over for crew ahead now for terrorists angle across the red line. Now blue leaves it for Shen Stick lifted abs having they ran into each other film A car takes it himself a car right up the gun. Still came. A car throws on the brakes knocked aside goes in with parade coma car will leave it for a cost you at the wall and after the Plame Acars knocked down to the ice by Colton Parayko. You've got to call something at some point. You just have to battery across the red line. High speed for broke Kaskey towards next shoulder Saved Bennington Puck is free. Had three knocked into the boards, and here come the blues the other way..

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