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And the day matt At spelman and morehouse on she became a national secretary for the y. w. c. a. She was severed second life his first wide katie. Kelly died Eighteen thirty on they married lentils. Thirty two she. She put her career on hold for a few years. Raising children. kids ready closed ramos. Who sermon had known from his time. Six i'm the was in daytona schools determine so they knew each other well at one thousand nine hundred fifty five thurman gave the main eulogy at. We're to see and that she was extroverted than then he was and i think he tended to be more reserved and she wrote a number of books. She's very interested in black history. She published a book on black pioneers in california with nathan huggins who was a prominent black historian The did work on has black history in massachusetts. You know one frustration. That i must say is that when the term papers were given to bless till they did not include very many personal papers from the couple and and you know i mean i. I mean husband's wife cannot write to each other as much as you do other people because your living together but and i think this was most howard decision and choose decision that they didn't want their personal life being pride and poked that on biographers as a result it dolittle difficult to say how how the marriage words how has influenced each other but it clearly what was important in also I should say the thurman was quite a feminist four. He met that he wrote White south african famous olive schreiner and his be nineteen. Twenty six at rochester theological seminary the basis of sex morality. The blazingly feminists statement of Inequalities in the need you know how women being treated society Quite remarkable person and more at least to be done on her. Yeah we're very interesting. I so we don't have too much time left in it. And i think that we there's so much you know thurmond's life is so complex and there's so much to talk about that everyone's going to have to read the book but you know to focus on a couple of things. I think that we need to make sure we we get to let me ask you a couple of questions about his influence on the civil rights movement. I mean you know you pointed out earlier that you know everybody becomes an influence on king and the world of twentieth century black history. Because you know that this kind of of a selling point in a sense but thurman is hugely important on king. How does this happen right. I mean how how does somebody who is not explicitly. An activist become so such a central influence not only on king but on farmer on the larger nonviolent movement on this entire generation of black activists that really you know change americans such a profound way. Ausra i should say was several student at howard university so that can pull it also student at howard says that connection with really express and farmers started. The congress of racial equality started as part of shows. Reconciliation got far. Has john and succeed with the inspiration at the first organized. Interracial nonviolence.

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