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I don't think that that Carol's gonna care all that much and today in the press room, and it was like, I don't really I'm sure my relationship with Pete Carroll kind of get back to good effectively is what he was saying. Like, he's PK than everything for the franchise. And I'm sure we'll be fine. Eventually because if I think he's done a good job. But when you think of a Wilson he was like, I don't really have a relationship with Wilson. It's not it's not. A thing. I think that maybe that the team will will want to go after him a little bit. And so I'm interested to see what happens, and I think that he will be welcomed warmly in Seattle. He should be he, and yeah, he should be. Absolutely. So yeah, it'll be interesting. I think the Vegas line for the Seattle game is ten points. A lot of points. Do you think the Niners cover covered? You think? It's another Seattle blowout. I think it's another Seattle blowout. I just you know, coming off a loss as bad as it was to Tampa Bay. You're on the road in CenturyLink. And obviously Nick Molins can talk about his ipod and crowd noise as much as you ause. But it's not it's not the same in the Seahawks are coming off a good gaming the Carolina Panthers. Good team in the Seahawks managed to play well and win. So I think that the forty Niners is they're just not where they're at. I don't know that they're going to cover that spread. And I I would venture to guess that they lose something like twenty seven fourteen. And not even that seems maybe a little generous. I just keep thinking to myself how absolutely ridiculous and audit is for Nick Mullins to sit on his couch with crowd noise blasting his ear yelling out forty Niners plays while his girlfriend sits next to him. Go. I've got a lot. I've got a lot of questions about this. Because that's how the article described it. And I'm thinking to myself like okay, girl. What are you? Are you reading a book, are you? Are you knitting across stitch are you trying to watch net flicks? Like, you clearly can't do anything with audio because he is barking. Yeah. Really really long plays. These are twenty word plays. Soliloquy. Just exactly maximum is this is this Shakespeare or tomorrow's game plan. I know so it's got to be something where the TV can't be on Netflix on. But she like can't go into the other room like the had just a really small apartment. Like case you walk the dog, they have pets. Maybe they've got cats maybe their cap people. These are all the things that go through my head on. I think about him just barking out plays at full volume because he's got basically, Dr dre beats planning on the man and his ear crowd noise. But. All right. So I agree with you. I don't think they cover. I think it probably ends up being around ten points. Seventeen twenty seven is probably about right? God. It's just I'm yeah. It's it's not going to be good. But, but hey, it's championship Saturday, Texas is going to be jamming chip and hook them horns. That's all. I'm saying. Yeah. Although the big twelve said, no, you can't do the horns down which is stupid. That's so weird. But it's dumb man at the Texas fan. I it's stupid. If you don't want Oklahoma to do the horns down keep them out of the dams. Yes. Yes. That's what I'm saying. But are Jared. Thanks for another fantastic episode. Jared work follow you on the Twitter's follow me on Twitter at Jared. Brown underscore. That's j e r d Brown underscore, and we can keep talking about the forty Niners and their destiny approaching the first overall pick. And you're gonna follow me at better rivals. Make sure to catch our merch on T public. The link is pinned to my Twitter. Profile I will soon get off my ass and create elegant tank tank tops. I have the design mostly done because it's just letters and maybe a logo, and I think I'll have that done up soon. So check the store soon because you'll have tank. Shirts, but thanks again for tuning in. And as always go Niners..

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