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Hughes met Yvonne decarlo on the tail end of year long journey away from Los Angeles to even call it a journey is to be quite charitable to a bizarre series of events in may nineteen forty four on a test flight of his custom built Sikorsky s forty three c plane Hughes had crashed into Nevada's lake Mead and two men had died in the accident was head had the wreck of the plane removed from lake need and rebuilt. A few months later Hughes told Joe patrolling who supervised the rebuilding that he wanted to take the secorski on a trip petralli asked where they were going Hugh said Las Vegas. What he's did not tell petrole was that they would be gone for months during that period. Hughes would be completely a wall out of touch with the numerous women. He had been involved with and totally hands off on all of his businesses, including his movie production company. For the first few months Hughes and petrole bounced between Vegas Reno and Palm Springs each week. We'd move on. And all this time. We kept nine hotel rooms and six rental cards, but trolley recalled Howard gave me orders not to talk to anybody about where we were or what we were doing. In between trips Hughes would remain alone in his hotel room. Around Christmas Hughes pulled a disappearing act within his disappearing act. No, one put trolley included knew where he was for more than a month when he resurfaced in Vegas where.

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