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No one likes fare hikes, but central central park, you might actually be better because the traffic is so congested during rush hour, and this businessmen from New York is sick of the fees here and at home. What do you do a traffic? I mean, if you bring more cars and taking people off mass transit. I mean, the problem is the subways are disaster. New Jersey transit disaster. Metro north is a disaster. I mean, the province's politicians have run the budgets so poorly of these agencies and a serves. Just get worse and worse training at blood from a stone at Logan. Karyn regal WBZ. Boston's newsradio. Speaking of getting around. Would you take a rocket ride the travel around the world in record time? More on that straight ahead. Eight thirty three traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Are we getting around anytime fast right now? Certainly not in southern New Hampshire. Deb. We have some problems in Salem, both directions of route ninety three of crashes both overturned vehicles on ninety three northbound and southbound near canopy lake between exits two and three the right lane is blocked on the northbound side, the southbound side much worse only the left shoulder gets by all three travel lanes are blocked southbound. So that's jammed from route one eleven and Windham pass that on ninety three south. It's okay over the state line. But then slow dascomb road to concord street. Four ninety five southbound is tied up getting by the Marcin street exit and Lawrence because of construction on the lower level of the double decker bridge. Route three south is slow from the Lowell connector to concord road. Then backed up for a mile getting to route one twenty eight one twenty eight southbound is stalled out getting by route ninety five then for main street to route thirty eight and beyond that it's tied up to twenty-five. Pastor Pella road south of town on the lower end of one twenty eight northbound is heavy from route wonder one oh nine and then slow from route nine to route twenty expressway northbound backup furnace brook Parkway to Columbia road. David straw, Felino. WBZ's traffic..

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