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The seventh day of May 34 minutes past the hour experiencing Internet issues not only here at home, but with our network across the country as well. So Bear with us this morning is that we bring you in the days of top stories. 34 minutes past the hour Here on America's first news, the seventh day of May. President Biden traveling too Reliably Red Louisiana Thursday that pressure Republican lawmakers to support his $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal and yet expressed a willingness to compromise on the Corporate tax hikes. He's recommending to pay the costs by new the 70 year old Bridge. That's two decades passed. It designed life stand in the city of Lake Charles Toe make his case using a little bit of theater as a backdrop. There Now all those Senator Mitch McConnell vowed, and this week to block the Biden administration's agenda every step of the way. Republican Mayor Nick Hunter appeared alongside President Biden at that event. He said he is working with the president on infrastructure for his city. When pressed by the media, whether or not he supports The high cost of the infrastructure bill. Hey, said he is focused on what is city needs. Several GOP senator is their favorite spending 568 billion on infrastructure over five years. That's a small fraction of what the president's proposed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky so that Republicans would rather finance infrastructure of the user fees so just hold and gas can actually declined to specify which one he would back. McConnell is also said that 100% of his focus is on stopping this new administration now echoing similarly obstructionist threats he made during President Obama's term and underscoring the challenge the president might face and trying to work across the aisle, but Even. Still, the president brushed that off the noting that McConnell said the same thing about the Obama administration, but the two are able to quote get a lot done. Man who allegedly stabbed to older women without warning in a San Francisco bus stops been charged with attempted murder in an attack that follows a number of others against Asian Americans nationwide. Authorities say. Patrick Thompson of San Francisco is also charged with assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse. Thompson, who has a history of mental illness, could face a life sentence. If convicted. He's set to be arraigned. Today. You know, the closely watched trial in California, which apples being sued over its APP store continues..

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