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The catch is a pretty relaxed god no but yeah they met on sunset in liberal. You're so cool the coolest tattoo i've ever for those listening. You can't see the coolest guys. I think we're out of time. This could talk. We didn't uncover so many things. I'm just thinking in my head like we didn't cover miss diane and going disney. They didn't have so many things yeah god three d. Twenty-three kermit's nuts kermit the muppets there. We worked with this right. Well can't okay talk talk about. I want to get you guys on. Try not to laugh at some point lace. Oh random trenton pretty well and then like what things do. You guys want to shout out. What are you guys working working on right now. A little bit of everything only boring people get bored no but <hes> yeah i have watched the footage productions and so you can find us just watch the footage on all social media platforms see what we're up to you can see matthew scott as our lovely demon upcoming project. My name is spelled weird. It's a._l._l. S._y._n. hawaiian so if you try to look me up on social media you won't find me yes but yeah yeah i <music>. I'm huge on instagram. I live on their basically and it may instagram's matthew underscore scott underscore montgomery right now. There's a really intensely stupid web series. I'm doing called in west hollywood. That really makes me laugh. If you watch it hopefully it will for you too. It's it's it's weird kinda like cult following shirley. I'm always doing performing live in l. a. If you're ever in los angeles i do a monthly comedy. will for you too. It's it's it's weird kinda like cult following shirley. I'm always doing performing live in l. a. If you're ever in los angeles i do a monthly comedy. Monologue show called guests whom this group of students from university of michigan saw me play and like do you want to be part of us. I was like okay so i'm like the only one that didn't go to school with them but that's barloon the last tuesday of every month in west hollywood and then i'd just got cast in a play festival called short and sweet that i'll be on for three weekends against the month of october. That'll post romley instagram but that's like a spanish speaking slash l._g._b._t. Play festival great so i'll be doing some really fun l._g._b._t. Stuff uh-huh oh i totally i always forget to mention astroid clover the website doing four or five years but you guys have all been on. It and i remember the mustache so you were on playing a cup. That's right you. You've got smash that week because i remember ryan me that it was perfect timing. You're like literally. I'm like on my way to go sign a contract contract saying that i can't do other web contact. Oh that's crazy we win. All the planking was popular and so we were blink we're counting stand in the middle of the road and it was like get out of the cargo ya like gargoyles up on a roof and he played like a cop that came out. I was garden in that because the traffic guarding or something like that and we're like mimicking my traffic art dance episode yeah. You were the traffic going. You want to be road rhode waffles. It was like for keeping it sounds like something i'd say i have no memory of it well guys. This has been lovely my favorite people in the whole world. Don't tell anybody anybody at smash but they are and guys make sure to check out our merch. <hes> we got some good stuff. We've got some water bottles. We got all the shirts. It's the barrels or grow sees a limited run so if you want it you better jump right on. I don't even know if it'll be available by the time you gotta get it and then make sure to subscribe <hes> do all the things punch. That notification bells that's right. That's right you promise all right bye guys <music> <music>.

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