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Yes i'm fifty eight year old woman and on the uber driver and i've homeless and i sleep in my car and that we we drivers pay for all of our expenses and you know we were speaking about starbucks personal tip starbucks starbucks person a dollar when it's made a copy and they've taken it from one countered another most of our customers do not tip and it's ridiculous right now i've driven for four years i have a sick daughter and take mother in northern california sick daughter here in southern california and i cannot do any other job but this because i helped both my mom and my daughter here in southern california and i'm literally homeless well what i would i say is you are very strong woman and i am incredibly sorry that you're in the situation you're in i don't know what senate district your in but i would be happy for you to reach out to my office there are agencies out there there are services available we try very hard to connect our constituents with those services and we'd be happy to look at your situation as well who's working should be without a home i this is the part that drives me crazy is that there are services available and they are liaison that connecting to the services seems to be the missing agreed in here and for sure your office we will refer to what is the website for that big my website is senator lay well it just look up connie leyva but i'm happy to give you the felt telephone number to my district office.

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