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Because I used to live there. It's not that hard to drive over there. Even though you're gonna come in contact with strangers which you hate more than any except for your immediate family. Well, you're under the one of those suckers up, bro, teen, you're under the impression you're under the impression that, you know. No, you're under the impression that I get to do what I want with the money that comes into this family. That is not true at all. The strings are viciously protected by my better, half, I guess. Okay. Well, look, it'll be great when we can get Danny back up with on video once again for everybody for everybody to see only after my face hills because right now. Yeah. I'm not I'm not at my best. I'm not TV ready. I'm radio face right now. And then before we get into our top story at this hour because we are a news show. I want to mention that we also have the first of my survivor post-season interviews is up. I got to talk with Rick Devon's and gotten to post that interview the podcasters Rick Devon's was pretty good. Did I mean he was good on the show? He's pretty good on the show. I don't know why I'm surprised but you know, he's got it all going on. He does. All right. Let's say our top story at this hour, and we have got a real big one, and it seems like that this should be an even bigger story, Danny. It's been reported many, many places respectable places. Not just the Enquirer. Yes. This is not the weekly world news. But a lot of the mainstream media outlets. I've picked up the story about some navy. Officers reporting unexplained flying objects. Yeah. And this is making me wonder if maybe those stories I read twenty years ago about giving birth to Elvis, being in alien and women giving birth to babies is more true. Right. If this can be true. What else is true? The New York Times had a big piece about the unexplained flying objects spotted, but Jin twenty four. Eighteen and twenty fifteen by a navy pilots, who say that the ships are doing all sorts of things that they don't have any sort of exhaust. They're flying at all sorts of altitudes that are able to excel, eight and decelerate like nothing people have ever seen before Danny, what should we make of this? So this is referring to a story that actually we talked about about a year ago, the tic TAC that some people spotted some pilots from an aircraft carrier and they tracked it at fluent unusual manner. But the stories coming out this week is how the Pentagon some other people are releasing more information kind of related to these objects, and they've allowed other pilots and officers to discuss the unexplained flying objects. So it's this story plus a little bit more. What's going on right now? Do you think that these could be not necessarily aliens visiting us? But are these like? Drones from other planets. So we. World. It's just like sending his drone to go and yeah. Fly around that aren't Mike. My guess is that drone flying in the galaxies, much like drone flying here on earth. The certain places that are off limits. Right. So you can't plan national parks or wilderness. And in a galaxy. You're not allowed to fly an earth like plea. Pre space travel planets are off limits right directive. I'm guessing in these are like teenage aliens who are or they're just disregarding the rules. That's why it doesn't happen all the time like every Ellian would love to fly a drone on earth, but a lot of them are abiding by the galaxy rules. Yeah. The occasional teenage aliens, like do.

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